Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Beer-ness (The beer Friday Sessions) - 5

I know that I havent been writing much for my Beer-ness post but fret not, im back again and I will be writing a couple of more posts by the end of this day. Also that doesnt mean im not consuming some of my favorite bubbly treats.

I've been back to Treffpunkt with some friends and Ive tried another German beer that they offer.

Todays Beer-ness Friday beer is Eku from Germany.

Eku Pils
Type: Classic German Pilsner
Alcohol content: 5% abv
AHA! thought: whoa man! this is heaven in a can.
My Rating: 5

Got this beer for only 69 Php. Dang!

Refreshing, crisp, light. Carbonation is perfect. Very faint hint of lemon flavor. My kind of beer. Ahhh what more can I say? Hahaha, I really get dumbfounded whenever I drink a good beer.

Prost! Till my next beer post. :D

For more beers (yes I know you love more beers) Hehe, just click THIS!


michymichymoo said...

Ikaw na ang beer girl! :D

Sumi Go said...

I should tag along with you some time to learn more about beer. I'm such a noob and don't know a lot about beer! XD Funny though I've had a beer-tasting event invite, but had to decline because I'm such a noob at this! XD

Con-Con San said...

nice beer post. pilsners and lagers like the eku are very popular here and in tropical countries because they offer a "refreshing" feel.

Lynne said...

When you describe it like that, parang ang sarap ng beer ngayon...:D

Jeo said...

it looks good to taste. Gawd, Red Horse lang ang iniinom ko. :))

totomai said...

wow a beer guru :-) i can't remember if i tried that beer or not.

must be my age, but i usually get drunk very easily.

jssica wabbitty said...

Thanks everyone for reading this post.

michy - alam mo na yan. hehe.

Sumi - lets go on a beer tasting trip sometime.

con-con san - i know you love beers and I know you know better than me. :) I do envy your beer adventures.

Lynne - i missed you at the beer tasting. :( sayang.

Jeo - I encourage you to try other beers than that. I think youll have fun.

totomai - im not a beer guru sir, just enjoying beers in general. Ako din i easily get drunk na nowadays unlike when I was younger. Yeah perhaps its because of the age. Haha.

kay said...

wishing I could love beer as much as you do :)