Beer-ness (The beer Friday Sessions) @ Offbeat Cafe's The Beer Gallery (Part 1)

I was happy being invited to a beer tasting night at Offbeat Cafe in Makati with a blogger friend of mine. Knowing how much of a beer lover I am, I was again like a kid entering a toy store upon arriving at that place.

It was great to know that there are people who are beer advocates and wanted to expand the beer culture in the Philippines. Admittedly, here in our country, people really don't care much about their beers. Whats more important to them is the alcohol. That's the reason why most Filipino drinkers settle for poor quality beers and is merely satisfied with the sole fact that they could be drunk.

The owners graciously welcomed us. Francis even joined us in our table, explaining the beers and sharing with us his beer experiences. It was a great night sharing my personal experience with beer-a-holics like me. Ive learned a lot that night and it was great to find people who share the same passion for beers.

Alright then, let us start our Beer-ness session. By the way I have divided this post into three since there are a lot of beers to be discussed. :)

You ready? Well then here it is!

For the 1st part of The Beer Gallery Beer-ness session, let us look at three imported beers from Belgium, Germany and Ireland.

1. Leffe Brune / Brown
Beligian Dark Ale
6.50% ABV
My Rating : 4

I simply love this beer. It has that dark brown color and has good head upon pouring. Lacing is seen after the head died down. The nose gives off this lovely caramel scent with rich malty tones. Carbonation is superb, just enough for its rich mouthfeel. Ill give it two thumbs up! There's another Leffe which is the blonde one but I didn't try it. Maybe on my next visit. :)

2. Astra Premium Bier
German Pilsner
4.90% ABV
My Rating: 3

Nothing special about this beer. It gives off that normal pilsner nose and taste. Malty and the cabonation is just ok. A little watery for my taste. A so-so beer for me but I enjoyed it still.

3.Guiness Foreign Extra Stout
Foreign / Export Stout
7.50% ABV
My Rating: 5

Thick and rich! Looks absolutely perfect for a stout. The nose has a rich molasses scent and its pretty much present in the taste as well. The bitterness is just enough and you can taste something like a burnt malt as you swallow. Carbonation is low which is just perfect for its creamy body. This one made me love stouts even more.

Well that's it for the first part! Click here for:
Part 2
Part 3

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You can get all these great beers at:

Offbeat Cafe, The Collective
The Collective, 7274 Malugay St., San Antonio Vill.
Makati City, Metro Manila
(0916) 611-8036


Lynne said…
I feel so bad I had to miss this! :( But it looks like it was a very interesting night.
jssica wabbitty said…
I keep on asking Rey kung nasan ka na. :( Heard you were really busy. I was actually excited to see you then. Anyway, ok lang yun, me next time pa naman! Thanks again for inviting me there. :)