Vigan Ilocos Sur Heritage Tour (Part 3) Hidden Garden, Baluarte and Bagnet and Vigan Longanisa Shopping.

Hidden Garden:

After getting messy at the jar factory, our kutseros brought us to this place called Hidden Garden. For sure my mm would love to be there since she loves plants and flowers and the place indeed is full of it. Not just that, the garden also houses some amazingly beautiful sarimanok (which I thought didnt exist, hehe) and a lot of different kinds of birds.

Yeah I do love the caption. :D

This place also has a cozy cafe inside where people can chill and take some time off cooling down the very warm Vigan weather.

Before leaving the place, we saw this very interesting bonsai...

And as what they say, Best things in life are free! So I do have to consider this as one of the best gardens ive ever visited, coz its for free! No entrance fees. :)

If youre interested in visiting this place, you can visit their website at .


I dont really like animals, (well aside from dogs and cats of course which i really love) which made me not fancy zoo's. But this zoo is a winner since its for free. Haha. Owned by the very rich, Chavit Singson, Baluarte is open to public for free. You can see ostriches, pony's, goats, birds and other animals walking side by side with the guests. Generally I did enjoy the experience.

But what actually caught my attention is this gold building, towering at the center of the zoo. Whoa, pano kaya nakawin yan no? :))

Vigan Public Market

Our last stop of the tour is the Vigan Public Market where we bought Vigan Longanisa and Bagnet. We bought Vigan Longanisa for Php 90 per dozen and Php320 pero kilo or Bagnet.

Bought the Bagnet and the Longanisa at this stall. The kuya kutseros are telling me that this stall sells the best.


Bee said…
Hi there! How many days were you in Vigan/Ilocos? We're planning to go there on January and I'm getting some ideas. Would appreciate if you can give me tips.
jssica wabbitty said…
Hey there Bee. :) We left Manila Friday evening and went back Sunday evening as well. It was a very short trip and we were really exhausted. It could be better if you stay there for 3 days and 2 nights for you to maximize your time in going around. Pagudpud, Vigan and Laoag are hours away from each other and so the travel time will eat up most of the time of your visit. :)

Some tips:
1. It is better if you leave Manila late in the evening so you will arrive in Ilocos early morning and fully enjoy the sight. Its very useful to use up your time in night travel.
2. It is very advisable to go to all of the interesting places starting from Pagudpud Ilocos norte then to Laoag then Vigan Ilocos Sur then go back to Manila. I think the management of time we did was actually good. :)
3. Places in Pagudpud like the Bangui Windmills and Cape Bojeador Lighthouse can be visited in 2 hours or even an hour time depending on how long you intend to stay in one area. Mostly you can just do photoshoots which wont really take too much time.
4. The calesa ride in Vigan costs Php150/hour. Dont worry since the kutseros are very friendly and welcoming and theres no need to fear about overpricing since they really stick with their rates. They would even take you to the best places and most of it are for free.
5. While in Vigan, you have to dine in at Cafe Uno which is very near Calle Crisologo. Must try's are poqui poqui, sinanglao, bagnet, Vigan longanisa and their benguet brew which was served with balikutsa which in my opinion one of the best coffees ive ever consumed.

If you have any questions, just feel free to ask! :) Id be happy to answer them all. :D