Soft Biscocho of Pasuquin Bakery (Pasuquin, Ilocos Norte)

My friend was raving about this biscocho while we are on the road on our way to Pagudpud. He actually told us a story of him eating these heavenly biscocho even in his dreams and that got me imagining a crunchy, buttery, sweet biscocho, and yes anticipating our arrival in that said bakery.

You'll see this sign at the corner where the bakery is.

Parked, light up a cigarette (yosi break muna) and asked the 'ading' from the bakery 1 pack of the biscocho. But to my dismay, the biscocho that they gave me was something far from what I have imagined. I asked my friend "is this it?", and he was like "oo chong" with his widest grin. (apparently tuwang tuwa sya dahil nakabili na sya ng favorite nya).

One pack for Php70 (I think)

Also, the fact that they've claimed as the "Famous maker of Biscocho, Pride of the North" made me skeptical. How come they claim to be famous when in fact its my first time to hear about them?

With too much negative reaction, my friend immediately gave me a piece (literally pinasakan ako ng tinapay sa bibig for me to stop babbling) and.... WHOA!

Soft, packed, chewy, buttery, with a hint of an anise aroma and flavor. It was a unique bread and all my disconfirming reaction towards this melted away! It was indeed one superb bread.

Perhaps their secret bread recipe made it one of the most sought after Ilocano goodie. Totally something that the Ilocanos should be proud of because the recipe is indeed unique.

Now I totally understood why my friend still crave for this even in his sleep. Since I hoarded on buying this on our way back to Manila, I experimented using the bread for different spreads and it works superbly with savory fillings like ham and cheese, spicy tuna spread, hungarian sausage with mustard (which is my favorite with this bread coz it balances the sweetness of the bread and the tangy mustard flavor).

Whenever visiting north, dont forget to stop by this bakery and try their soft biscocho. :D

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[pinkc00kies] said…
i want the bread pls :D
jssica wabbitty said…
Hey there! Thanks for droppin by my blog. Im tellin you, the bread is indeed delish! Must have when in Ilocos. :D