A non painter's paintings

Ive been busy and heck dont have time to paint anymore. Anyway, just wanna share some works ive done over the past few months. :)

Emerald (oil on paper)

Sapphire (oil on paper)

Self Portrait (12x16 oil on canvass)

Diety (10x14,oil on canvass)

Kiss ( 8x10 oil on canvass)

Hoping to have some time to paint again. :D


Jack said…
wow nice.

i especially like the first and the second one good job!
kay said…
I love the first one. It's haunting.
they're beautiful. talentado ka talaga te!
jssica wabbitty said…
Thanks Kay! Thanks rene! :)
Ces said…
Wow! Galing you paint pala! I like the 2nd one the most. :)
jssica wabbitty said…
Thanks for dropping by my blog Ces! Sali ka na sa blog group! :)