I survived this Tuesday!

I just simply love it when unexpected emotions fill my days. Unpredictability made me sustain this ever boring life and it wasn't different as how it is right at this very moment.

Sometimes it pays to be deluded in ways that it can actually save you from something realistic and boring.

Most times I imagine myself being in a reality TV show where people I meet, events that takes place, and situations that arises are simply subjects that was introduced so that this days episode will be somewhat interesting. Remember Truman from the Truman show? I feel exactly like that.

Earlier this morning, I have expected quite a good day but someone started my day being a bitch. Ignored it then go on with work. After an hour, another jerk ruined it, again, ignored then went back to work. Dum di dum di dum, this too shall pass.

Ive thought about recycling. Its good right? But is it really good? I dont like garbages. I mean re using what 'others's already used? Nah. I want something brand new.

I said I hate garbages but I love them. Dont get me wrong. :D

I was right all along. I was never wrong. Thats why I wasnt disappointed at all. It pays to think negatively and not to be foiled than be positive and then be thwarted. I know I should have not trusted fully, says my instinct that is, and yes it was never ever wrong.

To end the night, Im doing a Jason Statham marathon. I just had my dinner, now im having my dessert. Oh boy so ever sumptuous. How can I say no? I just survived this Tuesday. Thats because of Jason.

Isnt he hot? Tssss. sizzlin!


kay said…
Naisip kong Jason e yung sa Halloween haha ... nice nice ... at least you got something good out of it diba?
jssica wabbitty said…
Haha. Jason Voorhees. Pwede din Kay! Thanks for the suggestion. Sya naman mamayang gabi. Haha.