Good morning Pagudpud!!! (Bangui Windmills and Cape Bojeador Lighthouse)

We all got up at 6 in the morning and off we go back on the road again. The sun was indeed shining ever so brightly that Sunday morning and we all know that we are about to head off to a good start.

Good morning Pagudpud!!!

On the itinerary for that day includes Bagui Windmills upclose, hehe and Cape Bojeador Lighthouse both in Pagudpud, before heading to Laoag for breakfast and eventually to Vigan for a day tour.

First stop, Bangui Windmills. It was breathtaking! I was stunned and overjoyed by the fact that I am there and I can see it with my own eyes! I always tell my companions whenever I see places that I only saw on pictures before that it is a surreal experience being there and finally seeing it.

Of course I have to have a photoshoot! Take note, turistang turista ako. LOL.

That figures why Don Quijote did that! :)) Windmills are huuuuugeeee!!!!!

If youre going to ask me and my companions kung san kami galing last week, sabihin namin nag Kang Kang kami. :D

Few minutes drive away from Bangui Windmills is Cape Bojeador which is one, or if not the oldest lightouse here in the Philippines. It was an amazing structure, realizing how old it was.

And look at the view from the top!!!!

Clap clap clap. beautiful scenery indeed. We were all high after visiting these places in Ilocos Norte, so off now we go to Laoag to have our breakfast then to Vigan for a heritage tour. :D