Friday, October 7, 2011

Food Trippin : Treffpunkt (Cubao - EDSA)

Its October, and to celebrate one of my favorite festival, of course the OKTOBERFEST, we have decided to visit this quiet little place in the heart of EDSA that serves really affordable European beers and German sausages.

Treffpunkt in EDSA-Cubao has long been there ever since before I can even walk or speak. As what my other co-foodie Ate Miriam told me, she had an unforgettable experience during the EDSA revolution when Treffpunkt was just actually a year old. Since 1986, imagine I was a toddler then, haha.

Anyway, the place looks, and smells old and moldy yeah. But the moldy smell, which I worried would give me rhinitis turned into a flashback of memories since I remember my grandma's place in the province during my visits during summer (the smell, yes, the smell). Alright back to the place. Well it was very homey and cozy and I love the fact that its just us who are inside.

I was like a kid inside a toy store as soon as I saw the German beers that were on display, more so when I saw the variety of wines that they offer! I was deluged with joy! Alright yes, ive over reacted. But with these beers? Come on now!

5 Liter cans of different German Beers

Erdinger Oktoberfest Weissbier

Different types of German Sausages

We cannot wait any further, we have to sample their beer right away and so we sat and immediately asked for the menu. The staff that assisted us is very courteous. She offered their Warsteiner Premium Verum , buy one take one for 65 pesos. Unfortunately only 4 bottles were left. It was served to us with a Warsteiner glass with a free sausage salad. We also added the Sausage Pulutan Style while we decide what to get for the main dish.

Goofing around while waiting for our orders :)

Warsteiner Premium Verum - we bought it for Php 65, buy one take one but regular price is Php 60 (i think)

Sausage Salad (for free!) - tastes like kinilaw na sausage for me.

Sausage "Pulutan" Style (Php 85) - assorted sausages sauteed in butter and onion

We opted to get the Family Sausage Platter and Goulash. Of course we cannot let the night end without sampling the Erdinger beers that they offer and so we got three of the variants.

Family Platter (Php 357) - Different varieties of home made German and Hungarian Sausages, Sweet Ham, Sauerkraut, Potato Salad and fried egg. They have bigger versions of this that serves up to 6 people but this one we ordered were meant to be shared by 3 people. The server told us that this would be big enough for 4. Went perfectly well with our beers that night

Hungarian Goulash Casserole (Php165) - a warm bowl of rich and spicy beef stew in paprika sauce and Hungarian Sausages. I havent tasted much of the paprika, instead I thought that this version of goulash that they have is more Afritada-like.

We definitely enjoyed the whole experience! I personally love beers and this is quite a treat for me. I was very happy that the Warsteiner Premium Verum is priced very very cheap compared to the ones in the market where one bottle is priced at Php85 - 90. All of my co-foodies agreed with me when I said Warsteiner Premium Verum is delish! We also enjoyed the Erdinger beer variety. We sampled wheat and dark beers together with sausages and hams and indeed it was an Oktoberfest we all wont forget. And of course the "scotch-tape and bimpo" trick we all learned that night. Well all I can say is that, this is one of the best Oktoberfest I've ever had. :D

Foodies saying PROST!

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