Food Trippin :Ilocos Empanada

After long hours of driving, me and my wacky friends decided to stop for breakfast before continuing our journey to Pagudpud. We stopped at Laoag and looked for an empanada kiosk. I have tasted Ilocos empanada here in Manila but I know that nothing will beat the empanada, freshly prepared and cooked on its home town.

Ilocos empanada is a local version of the empanada that we Filipinos inherited from the Spaniards, Their version uses the local ingredients readily available in Ilocos like mungbean sprouts, eggs and the very garlicky Vigan Longanisa.

Eating the Ilocos Empanada together with the sukang Iloco will definitely complete that awesome experience.

This is how they prepare this sumptuous treat!


Power breakfast :D

TADAH!!! Yes I was drooling while I took this photo.

First bite! Yummm!

The Vigan Longanisa and the whole egg emerged after that second big bite!!! Rawr. I must have one again!

As far as I know, there are some stalls/shops here in Manila that sells these tasty treats. I remember one in front of Farinas Transit near UST and one in Tiendecitas. Hmmm I must have these again. :D


Aria said…
Yay! My mum used to make me empanadas every other day. LOL. Good old times.

I miss Ilocos. It's a quaint place.

Anyhoo, meme time.

I tagged you, so when you're a little bored, feel free to answer. ;)
jssica wabbitty said…
Im sure you miss those empanadas. :) Ilocos is lovely. I wouldnt mind going back again and again. :)

Anyway I will answer the link you pasted here.

BTW I just have to say this but youre totally gorgeus! I do envy you and super like you at the same time. :)