Food Trippin : Aling Remy's Special Puto

On a cool rainy afternoon, as me and my friend Tara stroll along J.P Rizal St. in Marikina while waiting for our wedding to start, we decidedly drop by Aling Remy's to purchase those sweet little delights. It would be my very first time to taste this old Marikina pride and I am definitely psyched!

I have been hearing a lot about this little treats from my friend Tara after dining in at Mama Chit's which is just across Aling Remy's little puto store. At first I thought the 1st puto store I saw was the one but to my surprise earlier, I've found out that there are atleast 4 or 5 puto/kakanin sellers before Aling Remy's so guys dont be fooled. Hehe. Go to the original store.

When you see this sign, you know its the ORIG. :D

Supot means the puto will be in plastic and styro means the puto will be in styro. Apparently will cost you an extra Php5. No difference in the taste anyway. I went for SUPOT. Hehe. Im such a cheapy!

The brown and white puto's and different kinds of kakanin

The moment I saw the lady, I was like, "Aling Remy?" apparently apo sa taampakan na yata sya si Aling Remy

I was so tempted to sample almost everything being sold but I curbed the wanting since work is yet to be done that evening, and the primary reason why I was there was to sample the legendary puto.

My sweet little treats for the afternoon.

Finally the verdict. The puto is really something the Marikenos should be proud of. I am a fan of the Pangasinan puto and this one is close to that, only sweeter and tastier. The taste of the brown sugar definitely is unmistakable. The cheese on top gives that creamy and salty kick to this. Definitely not made out of pure flour but perhaps a mixture of rice flour and regular flour. This is definitely perfect with a bland drink like black coffee or some tea.

Overall, I'll give these little babies 4/5. Definitely something to take home if you're visiting Marikina. :)


jssica wabbitty said…
If I could only send you some Aria dear! :)
kay said…
I want to try EVERYTHING!
jssica wabbitty said…
Heheh I do too kay! Minsan magdadala ko nito in one of our food trips. :)
[pinkc00kies] said…
i want that one pls :D hehe...
uniquerailroad said…
this is so0ooo yummy!!! ;-)
jssica wabbitty said…
Indeed it is yummy! :D