Once I POP, I Cant Stop!

During my elementary years, one of the things that I am always looking forward to, (aside of course the recess time, hehe) is the dismissal time. Carrying my heavy bag, my lunchbox and my Coleman water jug (in pink by the way), I rush into Kuya Leonard's bike to buy 200 grams (for 5 pesos) of my favorite, POP BEANS!!!! Yehey!!!!

Recently, nostalgia hit me and I was in a quest for finding that childhood favorite. Luckily, as I roam around the supermarket last night, I was utterly surprised to see a flavored pop beans! Whats more exciting is that it was flavored with one of my favorite potato chips flavor. Tadah!

I have been fancying Tong Garden's Peanuts mixed Anchovy and I love them more for making another great flavor twist with everybody's favorite snack. I know that I'm buying a good quality snack when I decided to give this one a shot and I wasn't wrong. The Onion and Garlic flavor was a refreshing alternative for the usual salt and MSG that the kuya peddlers outside the school are selling. However, the beans are hard and some of the beans are not popped. Still, I would definitely buy this product again.