Food Trippin : Pan de Amerikana (Katipunan)

After a client meeting earlier this morning, I have decided to ask my sister to go try out the Pan de Amerikana branch in Katipunan. I was hearing a lot about the place since it was claiming to be the very first and only upside down restaurant in South East Asia. That enough caught my interest, but of course I was excited to sample their classic pan de sal.

Is it just the structure or is it me??? *confused* hehe.

It was lunch time and as expected the place was packed. Good thing a quiet corner table was empty which we thought is perfect for the two of us to chit chat and have some sister bonding.

My lovely sister and my model for today. Hehe.

The quite corner table was just perfect for a Sunday sister bonding. :D

The interior is very spacious with its high ceiling and the garden-ish setting is refreshing. The place is not airconditioned but there are huge fans around to cool down the place.

Was singing Upside Down by Jack Johnson in my head the whole time inside. :D

I just love the rustic, earthy feel inside the resto.

Obviously the owner do love Land Rovers

Sunny interiors made the whole place bright!

Hungry Bird 1

Hungry Bird 2

We hurriedly asked for the menu and we cannot believe our eyes when we saw the prices of their dishes. One can have a meal below 100 pesos! We excitedly ordered and sampled the following dishes.

Waknatoy (Php 45) - I have once read an article about this certain dish and having Marikina close to my heart, I have decided to order this one upon seeing it in the menu. It has been said that this is a very popular local Marikina dish but I say the dish itself isnt that unique. Very similar to menudo, Pan de Amerikana's version is quite tasty. Im a menudo lover by the way (the dish, not Ricky Martin) :)

Bicol Laing (Php 30) - My sister ordered this one. I would say its a quite good laing although I still prefer it to be a little bit spicy.

Chicken BBQ with rice (Php 75) - Nothing really special. I can actually make a more flavorful one. :D

Corned beef and Tuna Pan de sal Sandwich (Php 25 each) - I personally love their wheat Pan de sal! Its freshly baked, soft and very chewy. Nothing to rave about the filling though.

Fresh Watermelon Shake (Php 30) - very refreshing! It could have been better if it was served colder. It doesn't have the slushy texture but its more like of a watermelon juice.

Saba con Yelo (Php 25) - One of my favorite summer coolers. Its sweet and creamy and delectable. :)

We were supposed to order Palabok and Halohalo but the waiter told us that the Palabok, together with the rest of the merienda dishes are not available during Sundays. They also ran out of Halohalo since the place indeed was packed and sure it was a best seller among their desserts.

After our meal, sis decided to bring home some wheat Pan de sal and wheat Ensaymada which again was surprisingly cheap at 6 Pesos (pan de sal) and 12 Pesos (ensaymada) each!

Freshly baked! Yummmm!

Fret not if youre bad in math like me. They did it for you. :D

One happy pan de sal lover.

There was nothing to rave about the food but if you're on a tight budget and just wanna hang out in a feel good kind of place, then you must try visiting Pan de Amerikana in Katipunan.

Pan de Amerikana Menu

Pan de Amerikana
118 Katipunan Avenue, White Plains, Quezon City
Phone number : 421-1966


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parang ang sarap nung sandwich na nasa pandesal! :D