Food Trippin : Mama Chit's Marikina

Note: Not a food blogger here but again I just wanna share my experience about this place. :)

I was longing to have this girl chat with one of my bestfriend Tara that rainy Sunday afternoon and since she is from Marikina, I then decided to take advantage of the fact that we can sample one of Marikina's cozy restos. That day I chose to meet her up at Mama Chit's.

I have read so much about the place from blogs and even the life guard in Marikina Sports Complex swimming pool mentioned it to me since he knows I have this quest for discovering Marikina's restaurants. (By the way I miss my swim buds and swimming students :()

Upon arriving at Mama Chit's, I immediately had fun feasting my eyes on the beautiful decor of this place. They've got that diner vibe with the classic jukebox and those big paintings of some of America's pop culture icons.

I wasnt sure on what to order that time and their menu, even with just a few items to choose from didnt really make it easier for me to decide. But since I was craving for burgers and fries that time, I resolved to order Mama Chit's Cheeseburger and fries. Unfortunately the fries is not available so I chose the Mojo's instead. My friend Tara on the other hand ordered Mama Chit's Spaghetti.

Mama Chit's Cheeseburger (Php 85) - I was expecting a commercialized burger patty for their cheeseburger but to my surprise, it was juicy and tasty and I am guessing that it is home made. Not bad at all.

Mojo's (Php 75)

Mama Chit's Spaghetti (Php 100) - If youre a lover of sweet spaghetti then this one is a winner. Serving is also quite hefty. :)

Ripe Mango Shake (Php 65)

Raspberry Iced Tea (Php 60)

The food that we ordered were actually more than enough for the two of us. We were wanting to order something for dessert but we were too full to do so. Its also a very cozy time to chat after that good meal and so we transferred to their al fresco tables to continue the chika's. We ordered brewed coffee while we spill out our chismaxs. :))

Brewed Coffee (Php 50)

Mama Chit's is a very nice place to hang out at and from that time, me and Tara decided to make it one of our Marikina tambayan spots. Too bad they don't serve beer. :(

For their complete menu please click this:
Burgers and Sandwiches
Pizza, Pasta, Salads, ETC
Fresh drinks, Hot drinks
Local and Imported Soda

Mama Chit's
278 J.P. Rizal Street, San Roque, Marikina City
Tel. No.: (02) 646-8547
Open Everyday
10:00 am - 9:00 pm


michymichymoo said…
Woo! Mojos! Yummy! :)
jssica wabbitty said…
Yep! Sarap nga. Pang wabbit pa yung price. Hehe.
madmader said…
Gusto kong ring kumain dyan... sino kaya pwede kong isama *thinking*... si madpader!!!
jssica wabbitty said…
Dear Madmader,

Sama nyo din po ako kumain ni madpader.

Maddaughter :) Hihi!
Roni Flores said…
Wow, glad to know you had a great time at Mama Chit's! Cheers! :D More power to your Marikina-resto-quest!