Food Trippin : Lumpia of The Big Little Store (Gilmore)

One of our family's favorite would be the Lumpia. I grew up having this in most of our family gatherings and I have even made it a specialty dish that I can cook. Earlier this afternoon, me and my sister are going around the metro and we decided to drop by The Big Little store in Gilmore to again eat their infamous Lumpia.

No more talking, here we go with the photos. :D (besides im too lazy to say anything now)

Lumpia (Php 75)

Put your own garlic and sauce.


I could say that when looking for a good Lumpia, you definitely have to get it from The Big Little store. No doubt one of the best lumpia I've ever tasted. Of course included in my list would also be Globe Lumpia House in Raon, but thats another blog. :D

The Big Little Store
G/F Gilmore I.T. Center, 1st St. cor. Gilmore Ave.,
New Manila, Quezon City.


Abbi said…
wow :) I <3 lumpiang sariwa!
jssica wabbitty said…
One of my fave dish as well! :D Thanks Abbi for dropping by my blog! :D