Saturday, September 17, 2011

Food Trippin : Las Paellas (Promenade, Greenhills)

That dinner's theme was supposed to be "sisig" since my boss was craving for it earlier that evening while we were fitting on some clothes in Greenhills. We were supposed to go to one of the Filipino restaurants there in the area, but the long queue of diners made us change our minds and find some other place.

We passed by the Las Paellas Cafe on the second floor of the Promenade building and decided that the spacious, un-crowded dining area would be the perfect choice for us.

I wasn't actually in the mood to eat Spanish food that time since I still have the vision of that crispy sisig in my head but my tummy is making violent noises already which signals me to go get something to put in my mouth. (or else ill be talking and talking and talking and all of us dont really want that then. haha)

Upon entering the cafe, the cozy interior already made all of us relaxed. Then we go hit the menu and started making choices for that nights dinner. We then ordered the following:

Clam Chowder (forgot the price but I think its about Php180) - We were raving about it that night! (or maybe were just starving, hehe) But for me, this is one of the best clam chowders Ive tasted here in Manila. The chowder is rich and creamy and not so salty. The clams are perfectly cut into bits as so you will get something every spoonful.

Mango Cobb Salad (Php 110) - The dressing was good and the mangoes were sweet. I personally love the salad but there was a little bit of confusion when we were choosing this.

Typos!!!!! Por favor! Please change this! :))

BBQ Chicken Pizza (Php180) - I didnt like this because the tomato sauce base is a little too sweet for my taste. The cheese that was used was perhaps cheddar (which I dont like much in pizza, not unless mixed with mozarella)

Pasta Puttanesca (Php 180) - Again was a little too sweet for me since I was expecting a more sour tomato sauce.

Paella Marinera (Php 475) - The seafood paella is the star of the night! Although again I was disappointed. :( I didnt taste much saffron in the paella and the seafoods, specially the clam and the mussels are actually overcooked which made it rubbery.

The food might be mediocre but I would commend Las Paellas Cafe for their service. The server who was assisting us with our meal is very courteous and speedy. He makes sure that our needs that night (refilling the drinks, tissues, condiments, etc etc) were taken cared of. Overall the Las Paella's experience I had was good. Though I wouldnt go back just for the food. :)

Las Paellas Café, Greenhills
2/Lvl., Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Complex
San Juan, Metro Manila
Phone number: (02) 723-7485

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