Food Trippin : Kanto Freestyle Breakfast (Mandaluyong)

Still not satisfied, (Although the food was fantastic indeed), me and other members of the food group planned to drop by Kanto Freestyle Breakfast after having dinner at Lime 88, just a few blocks away. That food trip was actually meant to visit two places on the same area although majority of the group really opted to go to Lime 88 first.

One of the foodies, Ate Lang was the one who introduced this place to the group. She posted the link on our FB page and finding out that most of the members are breakfast lovers and the promise that the place serve affordable gourmet breakfast, this restaurant was a sure hit and landed a spot in our list of places to visit right away.

Still full from a great meal at Lime 88, we headed to the next street where Kanto Freestyle Breakfast is situated. Surprisingly, the owner of Lime 88 and Kanto is the same and so we automatically expected the food would be as good.

Their menu would give you a wide selection of breakfast items available all day round. They have the Freestyle Breakfast in which one will be able to freely choose what items to include to make one ultimate breakfast experience. But since we just gorged up on dinner, we decided to just order some of their A la Carte's.

Eggs Benedict (Php80) - Ham, Poached Egg, Hollandaise (but upon checking their menu, the Eggs Benedict was not included anymore)

Tuyo Flakes and Kesong Puti (Php65) - Fried rice topped with Tuyo flakes and Kesong puti.

Tempura Spanish Sardines (Php70) - Tempura of Spanish Sardines with Garlic Rice, Eggs Freestyle.

Eggs Benedict and Tuyo Flakes and Kesong Puti.

As expected the food is superb. The quality was not compromised considering that most of the items in their menu are priced not higher than a hundred bucks. But whats best with Kanto's breakfasts is the pesto tomato! Me and the entire group are raving about it and it definitely made the dishes extra special.

One happy group :)

No doubt I will be back there. Perhaps when alcohol went overboard after a nightout and my appetite requires breakfast in the wee hours of the morning.

(Note: Please forgive my crappy photos, I know the food shots are not enticing enough to look at but I can assure it taste good. :D)

Kanto Freestyle Breakfast
549 San Joaquin St. Brgy. Plainview
Mandaluyong City
Phone: 4002268


Aria said…
Drooling at Tuyo Flakes + Kesong Puti. I miss Pinoy food.
jssica wabbitty said…
Hi Aria! Pinoy food is great indeed, and this one is a must try. :)
manong calbo said…
Appreciate the pics at laking tulong sa paghahanap namin. Dumaan kami ng 4am at naka ilan ikot kami (mukhang sarado yatasila)
jssica wabbit said…
Youre very much welcome! I think they're open 24/7 though. Baka na miss nyo lang po. :D
SpicyTsinelas said…
I just had breakfast there last month. May Eggs Benedict pa din! Truly sulit almusal! Punta kayo! :)
Ingkay Garutay said…
Tried it twice. Love it!!!!