Food Trippin : Ersao (E.Rodriguez Sr. Ave QC)

One of the things I love about the weekend is the fact that I can spend some quality time with my niece and my nephew, and this Saturday, I have decided to bring the kids to the nearest Ersao which is in E.Rod corner Banawe St. in Quezon City.

Ersao has long been in the bubble tea/milk tea business for quite some time and I should, again give the establishment a visit after some time since I remember dining in the Banawe branch back in my college years.

The kids and I arrived late in the afternoon and I was expecting it is quite crowded but to my surprise, only us and a couple of customers are inside. That branch is a little small but the interior is actually pleasing.

I asked the kids what they want and my niece immediately eyed on the dumpling noodles and my nephew wanted to have either the Pork Steak with rice or the Chicken steak with rice. I was pleased to know that they offer combo meals of rice or noodle dish with milk tea, fruit shake, special blended tea or special beverage. We then decided to order the following:

Dumpling Noodle (Php140- combo, Php 95 ala carte) - The serving is big! The noodle is al dente (if i can say that about asian noodles, hehe) and most specially the dumplings are very very tasty. Me and my niece love this noodle dish a lot.

Chicken Steak Rice (Php 140 -combo, Php 90 ala carte) - There's nothing special about this but my nephew loved it since he is a fan of fried chicken. The sauce for me is delicious but the kid didnt even bother to dip the chicken steak in. :)

Spicy Squid (Php 50) - I love this one. Well I have always loved their spicy squid and spicy chicken. Its a little too spicy for the kids though but for a spicy food lover just like me, it is surely a hit. :)

Cappucino Shake (Php 50) - im certain that this is a powdered cappucino mix. But still I love it.

Taro Milk Tea (Php 45) - Been always a fan of taro milk tea and this one is also a winner.

Chocolate Milk Tea (Php 50) - Nothing really special. I just like the fact that milk teas are not as sweet as other drinks and so I definitely enjoyed this chocolate concoction. :) (I suddenly craved for this one as I write this post.)

They still got a lot of dishes to chose from but I know that me and the kids wont be able to eat that much and so I just reserve the other dishes for my visit the next time around. I was wanting to sample the Machang and the Maki mi but were all too full as we finish our orders.

Aside from the dishes they serve, they also sell Taiwanese biscuits and chocolates.

I liked the place generally and the kids are also telling me they like it there. They were even asking me to go back even before we stepped out of that place. I was just not that pleased with one of the staff who took my order. She seems to be disoriented and asked me to repeat my order several times before she gets it right. She even has to repeat saying everything I have ordered but still cant get anything right. She also appeared a bit pissed (mind you not at herself but at me) as we do the whole process. Oh I captured her photo in one of the pictures I took (just look up) . Haha.

Well I enjoyed being the yaya that day. The kids were pleased and I got my milk tea fix as well.

My lovable niece and nephew!!! And their prettiest tita. (coz im the only tita they have, haha!)

By the end of our time there, we all were smiling like her. :)

Oh I took photos of the menu, if in case you're wondering what other dishes they have.


kay said…
Ooohhh nice. Yan pala Ersao. I kept hearing about it eh haha.
jssica wabbitty said…
Yep theyve got very cheap milk tea and the food is good too. :)