Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Food Trippin : 101 Hawker Food House (Makati)

Hmm another food trip entry eh? Should I start a separate food blog? Haha.

Anyway. Me and the group have actually planned to visit 101 Hawker for quite some time. I was not supposed to go with them since I was scheduled to go to an art exhibit in Ayala Museum, but since the place is a few blocks away from the exhibit, I decided to still join in that night.

I just came back from my Singapore vacation exactly a month ago, and somehow the Singaporean flavors still lingers and the thought of eating its cuisine once again excites me. Link
Since I arrived late, I ended up eating the leftovers. Haha. But of course the food group is kind enough to get fresh orders of some of the dishes for me for other members who came in late.

Lechon Kawali (Php100.00 - 600.00) - was a bit bland for my taste but the pork is cooked very well and the skin is crackling!

Sambal Fish Fillet (Php 120.00 - 700.00) - I love sambal sauce and I love how it complimented the bland taste of the fish which makes it one tasty fish dish.

Yang Chow Fried Rice (Php120.00 - 600.00) - the fried rice is a meal itself! Big fan of Yang Chow Fried Rice ever since I was a kid. :)

(Photo by Lang)
Chap Chae (Php 130.00 - 600.00) - mixed vegetables with that yummy sauce.

(Photo by Lang)
Singapore Curry Bihon (Php 100.00 - 650.00) - its basically a bihon guisado dish with curry. The curry that was used was too strong and it overpowered the taste of the other ingredients. didnt like it. :(

(Photo by Lang)
Cereal Prawn (Php 375.00 - 1,200.00) - The star of the night! I love the fusion of flavors in this prawn dish! The cereal breading and the spices are perfect. I cant stop eating even the crumbs that was left in the plate.

(Photo by Kay)
Singapore Laksa (Php110.00 - 700.00) - I was quite disappointed with their Laksa. :( Perhaps Ive tried the authentic Laksa in Lau Pa Sat which by the way I find very tasty. Or maybe ive eaten just the left overs (yeah I know it was my fault coz I was late) so I have basically eaten a cold Laksa. But it lacked the richness of the flavors and the coconut milk is overwhelming to the point that it is the only thing I can taste that made the curry flavor disappear.

It was also nice to know that they also serve iced cold
Tiger Beer. Too bad I'm not really a fan so I opted to have San Mig Light instead. (By the way, their tube ice has a weird plastic-y taste in it. It was a bad decision to drink my San Mig Light on the rocks which I know is a no-no but I have no choice since the beer wasnt that cold.)

LinkSingapore local brew, Tiger Beer (Lager) (Php75)
Generally, I was quite disappointed with the food. However, not all the items in the menu foiled me. I loved the Cereal Prawn and the Sambal Fish Fillet. I still haven't sampled the other dishes that I wanted to try like the Hainanese Chicken and the Salmon Head Curry but again I was too full to order some more. Maybe i'll save it for the next visit. (Yes I'm gonna give it another shot)

And another happy "busog" group. :)

101 Hawker Food House, Makati
Unit 102, Campos Rueda Bldg., 101 Urban Ave.
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 886-7329

* I wanted to thank my fellow bloggers Lang and Kay for letting me use their photos for this post. Please also visit their blogs. :) Link


michymichymoo said...

I will drag BF there one day so that I could try naman. :)

jssica wabbitty said...

third wheel ako pwede? haha. id like to go back there.

bongc said...

4th wheel! I'd like to go back as well! <3

jssica wabbitty said...

I bet a fifth and a sixth wheel would join as well. haha.

Aria said...

Oooh. Cereal prawns. I was residing in SG for a little more than for years. I loved the food especially their vegetarian fare. I never tried laksa, though.

jssica wabbitty said...

Laksa is one good noodle dish. One of my favorite noodle dish I can say. You should try it! :)