Saturday, September 3, 2011

Food Trip Asia! (Singapore)

The very first thing that I am asking about or I am looking forward to when visiting a new place is their cuisine. It has been said that for one to get really immersed in someone else's culture is to sample their local cuisine. My trip to Singapore and Malaysia of course will never be an exemption.

I intend to have this post as purely photo's, of course with the descriptions of where we ate it and the name of the dishes.

Lets start with my Singapore foodscapades.

Kim San Leng / Sri Murugan
Verdun Road, Singapore

We had our second meal in Singapore in this place, (1st one is at Secret Recipe's cafe in Changi Airport which I failed to take photos) . I heard that they are famous all around Singapore for their Chicken Rice. Right next to it is Sri Murugan Idli corner which serves Indian food. As soon as I saw this place right across Mustafa Center after going to the FOREX to exchange our money, I know that we must have one good meal in this place.

I definitely had the Chicken Rice, my buena mano Singaporean Meal of the day! Chicken Rice cannot be called Chicken Rice not unless it is served with rice, soup and the condiments. This hefty serving of Chicken Rice is simply the best meal I had in my visit in Singapore.

The chicken meat is tender and very juicy. The white meat isnt dry and it went very well with the sweet and spicy condiments on the side. The rice is very fragrant and the soup is superbly flavorful but with a very clean aftertaste that compliments the sweet and spicy taste of the condiments for the chicken.

My friends ordered Indian food from the idli corner. They ordered Pongal, Sambal Rice, Vadai and Curd Rice.

Well we wanted to say thanks to kuya (naka pose sa likod) for his time in telling us the name of the dishes that we ordered. :D

Lau Pa Sat

18 Raffles Quay

One of the famous Hawker centers in Singapore, or can I say the most famous hawker center is Lau Pa Sat. This place is an architectural eye candy because it is set in a cast iron Victorian structure that was actually shipped over to Singapore from Glasgow in 1894. Today, Lau Pa Sat is a haven for foodies who loves to try Singapore's best recipes.Of course on my list are Laksa and Char Kway Teow which I heard are the must try in Lau Pa Sat.

Laksa is a curry based coconut soup with rice noodles, shrimps, fish cake, and tofu pops.

My dilemma then is which stall to buy that famous Char Kway Teow until I saw a long queue in this small stall named Lai Heng. You know what they say, if there are people lining up then for sure the food must be good. So I then decided to have my Char Kway Teow from this stall.

As I got near the counter, I saw an article posted that Lai Heng actually serves the best Char Kway Teow and I agreed when I had my serving of the dish.

Lai Heng's Char Kway Teow has that distinct Char flavor. The dish is filled with loads of oysters and taiwanese sausage and a sweet-salty sauce that taste very good with the rice noodles. Perhaps one of the best noodle dish I've tasted. Much to the dismay of dieters, this noodle dish is actually very oily, but for me, its definitely worth the extra calories.

This dish called Horfun is a rice noodle dish with chicken, seafoods with a thick sauce. Nothing special really for it taste the same with Pancit Canton.
A popular drink in Lau Pa Sat which I saw in most tables are the Mango and Peach juice (left) and the Sugarcane Juice with Lemon (right) which I find very refreshing, perfect for that warm night.

Top it with great company and wonderful conversations, of course together with my Tiger Beer, that dinner was one of the best dinners I had.


Very affordable and very tasty Chinese dishes in one of Chinatowns food stalls. We opted for the rice toppings which really gives off that festive Chinese flavors.

Thai Sauce Fried Fish

Ginger Spring Onion Fish

Chicken Curry Rice

Hokkien Fried Prawn Noodle

That last meal we had together as a group left not just my palate satisfied but all my senses for it was shared with great zest. The celebration of life by eating good food is an opportunity I wont forget for the rest of my life. It was indeed quite an experience to try Singaporean cuisine at its best.

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