Sunday, September 18, 2011


Just when I was drowning in the pool of workloads after becoming a certified corporate slave, I was saved by my good friend Mharge and once again evoked my perpetual love for arts by asking me to join her to attend the opening of an art exhibit. I was psyched to see fresh ideas and I know that it is what I need in the middle of that busy workweek.

Diversities is an art exhibit showcasing works of art from Filipino artists and the cocktail reception was held that night September 15, 2011, in Artists Space, Ayala Museum.

The artists who were featured in this exhibit are the following:

Monnar Baldemor, Aaron Bautista, Joey Cobcobo, Carlos Francisco II, Honesto Guiruella III, Derrick Macutay, Dennise Montera, Tad Pagaduan, Herbert Pinpino ,Christian Regis, Marga Rodriguez, Isidro Santos and Rommel Pidazo

The Artists

It was a great night and again I was instigated with great ideas and was once more inspired by these people who have such beautiful minds.

Here are some of their works.

It was also nice to see a friend whom I met in an art exhibit about a month ago. Very talented young man, Rommel Pidazzo, whose doing junk art. I never knew that his work is going to be there, but upon seeing this artwork below, I kinda know that its pretty similar to his signature work and I was not wrong when I found out that the artwork is made by him. Apparently, he was just been asked to join a few days before the opening night.

Here's his work! I wouldn't mind having this in my living room.

See my feet? Yeah in the mirror, look!

But I got really fond of Monnar Baldemor's paintings. Two of his works are featured in the exhibit and at first glance I thought it was whimsical and youthful but upon looking at the details of the artwork, I saw depth and intensity of the images that's in the painting. Somehow I thought that it could reflect a life that I personally live.

Thats me and Mr. Monnar Baldemor with his splendid work. :)

Here's another masterpiece.

Close up: the lines and the face and the emotions it emits. Brilliant!

Another artwork that got my attention was the shanties. Intricate process must have been involved in creating such minuscule representation of poverty. It was a despicable sight but beautifully done in the form of artistry.

Barong barong. Apartment ba tawag dito?

Close up: Gulong pang dagan sa nililipad na bubungan

Close up: Linya ng kuryente.

Rommel Pidazo

Exhibits really enables my inner artist (if there is any, which I still don't confidently have) flourish and grow. Then again, I must thank God for arts, for giving it to me... (Yes thats supposed to be "thank you for the music") :))

With two very talented artists, Christian Regis (left) and Rommel Pidazo (right)

Thanks Ate Mharge for being with me that evening!

Oh I like the title of the last artwork by Christian Regis. :)


Vallarfax said...

No exact words can spell out poverty, in my own opinion. The shanties made by the artist is enough to decode it for us.

Regards, my dear artistic friend. :)

jssica wabbitty said...

As what Ive said, its a despicable situation staged in a very artistic manner. :)

Thanks a lot Vallafrax. :)