Beer-ness (The beer Friday Sessions) - 3

And I am back for another Beer-ness session! I have went hiatus in doing the sessions since I really got stuck with work and all the mumble jumble of my crazy little life but fret not coz I am back for another featured beer.

Tonight's Beer-ness session focuses on another German Lager beer.

Type: Pale Lager
Alcohol content: 5%
Aha! Thought: Oh wow! another summer day? But, nah...
My Rating: 3

Bought one in can and as soon as I opened it, the usual lager scent was emitted from the can. Upon pouring, it gives off a white head which dissipated immediately. First sip was wow! I was somehow reminded of Warsteiner Verum in which I tasted fruity flavors but it was instantly gone as I swallowed down. The carbonation is too strong and it feels kinda watery for me.

In all fairness to the product, I somehow enjoyed it this Friday night. Maybe I was expecting then again too much from German beers but like what my friend told me, Belgian beers are still the best and that I still have to find out. Anyway, this lady over here is just starting with her beerscapades. :)

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Well till the next session. PROST!