Friday, September 30, 2011

Beer-ness (The beer Friday Sessions) - 3

And I am back for another Beer-ness session! I have went hiatus in doing the sessions since I really got stuck with work and all the mumble jumble of my crazy little life but fret not coz I am back for another featured beer.

Tonight's Beer-ness session focuses on another German Lager beer.

Type: Pale Lager
Alcohol content: 5%
Aha! Thought: Oh wow! another summer day? But, nah...
My Rating: 3

Bought one in can and as soon as I opened it, the usual lager scent was emitted from the can. Upon pouring, it gives off a white head which dissipated immediately. First sip was wow! I was somehow reminded of Warsteiner Verum in which I tasted fruity flavors but it was instantly gone as I swallowed down. The carbonation is too strong and it feels kinda watery for me.

In all fairness to the product, I somehow enjoyed it this Friday night. Maybe I was expecting then again too much from German beers but like what my friend told me, Belgian beers are still the best and that I still have to find out. Anyway, this lady over here is just starting with her beerscapades. :)

For more Beer-ness Fridays entries just click THIS. :)

Well till the next session. PROST!

Once I POP, I Cant Stop!

During my elementary years, one of the things that I am always looking forward to, (aside of course the recess time, hehe) is the dismissal time. Carrying my heavy bag, my lunchbox and my Coleman water jug (in pink by the way), I rush into Kuya Leonard's bike to buy 200 grams (for 5 pesos) of my favorite, POP BEANS!!!! Yehey!!!!

Recently, nostalgia hit me and I was in a quest for finding that childhood favorite. Luckily, as I roam around the supermarket last night, I was utterly surprised to see a flavored pop beans! Whats more exciting is that it was flavored with one of my favorite potato chips flavor. Tadah!

I have been fancying Tong Garden's Peanuts mixed Anchovy and I love them more for making another great flavor twist with everybody's favorite snack. I know that I'm buying a good quality snack when I decided to give this one a shot and I wasn't wrong. The Onion and Garlic flavor was a refreshing alternative for the usual salt and MSG that the kuya peddlers outside the school are selling. However, the beans are hard and some of the beans are not popped. Still, I would definitely buy this product again.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Food Trippin : Lumpia of The Big Little Store (Gilmore)

One of our family's favorite would be the Lumpia. I grew up having this in most of our family gatherings and I have even made it a specialty dish that I can cook. Earlier this afternoon, me and my sister are going around the metro and we decided to drop by The Big Little store in Gilmore to again eat their infamous Lumpia.

No more talking, here we go with the photos. :D (besides im too lazy to say anything now)

Lumpia (Php 75)

Put your own garlic and sauce.


I could say that when looking for a good Lumpia, you definitely have to get it from The Big Little store. No doubt one of the best lumpia I've ever tasted. Of course included in my list would also be Globe Lumpia House in Raon, but thats another blog. :D

The Big Little Store
G/F Gilmore I.T. Center, 1st St. cor. Gilmore Ave.,
New Manila, Quezon City.

Food Trippin : Pan de Amerikana (Katipunan)

After a client meeting earlier this morning, I have decided to ask my sister to go try out the Pan de Amerikana branch in Katipunan. I was hearing a lot about the place since it was claiming to be the very first and only upside down restaurant in South East Asia. That enough caught my interest, but of course I was excited to sample their classic pan de sal.

Is it just the structure or is it me??? *confused* hehe.

It was lunch time and as expected the place was packed. Good thing a quiet corner table was empty which we thought is perfect for the two of us to chit chat and have some sister bonding.

My lovely sister and my model for today. Hehe.

The quite corner table was just perfect for a Sunday sister bonding. :D

The interior is very spacious with its high ceiling and the garden-ish setting is refreshing. The place is not airconditioned but there are huge fans around to cool down the place.

Was singing Upside Down by Jack Johnson in my head the whole time inside. :D

I just love the rustic, earthy feel inside the resto.

Obviously the owner do love Land Rovers

Sunny interiors made the whole place bright!

Hungry Bird 1

Hungry Bird 2

We hurriedly asked for the menu and we cannot believe our eyes when we saw the prices of their dishes. One can have a meal below 100 pesos! We excitedly ordered and sampled the following dishes.

Waknatoy (Php 45) - I have once read an article about this certain dish and having Marikina close to my heart, I have decided to order this one upon seeing it in the menu. It has been said that this is a very popular local Marikina dish but I say the dish itself isnt that unique. Very similar to menudo, Pan de Amerikana's version is quite tasty. Im a menudo lover by the way (the dish, not Ricky Martin) :)

Bicol Laing (Php 30) - My sister ordered this one. I would say its a quite good laing although I still prefer it to be a little bit spicy.

Chicken BBQ with rice (Php 75) - Nothing really special. I can actually make a more flavorful one. :D

Corned beef and Tuna Pan de sal Sandwich (Php 25 each) - I personally love their wheat Pan de sal! Its freshly baked, soft and very chewy. Nothing to rave about the filling though.

Fresh Watermelon Shake (Php 30) - very refreshing! It could have been better if it was served colder. It doesn't have the slushy texture but its more like of a watermelon juice.

Saba con Yelo (Php 25) - One of my favorite summer coolers. Its sweet and creamy and delectable. :)

We were supposed to order Palabok and Halohalo but the waiter told us that the Palabok, together with the rest of the merienda dishes are not available during Sundays. They also ran out of Halohalo since the place indeed was packed and sure it was a best seller among their desserts.

After our meal, sis decided to bring home some wheat Pan de sal and wheat Ensaymada which again was surprisingly cheap at 6 Pesos (pan de sal) and 12 Pesos (ensaymada) each!

Freshly baked! Yummmm!

Fret not if youre bad in math like me. They did it for you. :D

One happy pan de sal lover.

There was nothing to rave about the food but if you're on a tight budget and just wanna hang out in a feel good kind of place, then you must try visiting Pan de Amerikana in Katipunan.

Pan de Amerikana Menu

Pan de Amerikana
118 Katipunan Avenue, White Plains, Quezon City
Phone number : 421-1966

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fattie!!! Yes?... Yes I am PHAT!

Chubby Sexy Librarian by TheTripleFool

I have never been thin. I have never experienced being skinny. Do I want to be thin? Yes, somehow I do. Living in this society where the idea of beauty lies in being thin and sexy, people like me who are big, fat and chubby rarely stand a chance to be tagged as beautiful.

I have started my day by reading a thread in a forum. It is about dating someone who is chubby and the comments were flabbergasting. People like me are really despised and thought as horrible and ugly. Guys would never date a fat chick. Even a fat chick with a pretty face. Someone once mentioned that when he sees a pretty but fat girl, he only sees a fat girl, period. Not even a pretty face can save someone from the resentment of being fat. I totally understand that being fat is unattractive. The persons health is at stake and takes most of the concern. Physically, the flabs, the bumps, the stretchmarks and all is horrible.

Not that I am being proud of being fat. I was never proud of being one. I grew up being mocked and being browbeaten because of my built. I went on for the past 27 years of my life being looked at with disgust by some people. I have been trying hard to lose weight. I have been trying hard to be thin. I have been trying hard to be ACCEPTED.

Love wearing hats! January 2011

Maybe it is me who's to be blamed. Perhaps I never tried enough. Perhaps I don't have enough discipline. But I've been struggling with diet and exercise. I love being active. I swim, and I do love swimming. I run, I box. I love being active. But still, I have these. These flabs, these bumps. Im not trying to defend my state, not at all. In fact I was blaming myself. Not enough effort, not enough.

Going back to the thread I read. Honestly I was dispirited. Then I asked the "youre not supposed to be thinking like that" kinds of question. Is this the reason why I am single? Is this the reason why no one is dating me? Is this the reason why I cant find love? LOVE. Yes.

I love me. I love who I am. I have long accepted that I am fat, never to be thin. I have accepted that I am big and that I wont ever wear a size 4. But I love fashion! I love styling up. I love dolling up. I love being a woman. And I am a woman. Yes, a fat woman.

Summer 2011

I am a person. I have feelings. I get hurt when someone thinks im disgusting because of how I look. Somehow people sees us fatties differently. But honestly, I never though I am different. I have always thought that I am equal with everyone. I have always thought that I am beautiful, that I am on top of my game, that I am attractive, that I can be happy despite of how I look.

Happy Summer Day!

No wonder ladies like me are tough, independent, powerful. We endure a lot. We spend time a lot in making ourselves accepted by the society, and because of that, we learned to love ourselves more than any others. We never depend our happiness towards others who cant see our worth. We are happy because we are us., because we know what is our worth.

Fun Friday walk with my buddies.

I am fat, I am happy, I am fun. I will dress up, be fashionable, be pretty. I will laugh, I will have fun, I will live my life. I am sexy, I am gorgeous, I am desirable. This is me. This is who I am. :)

(Note: Forgive me if this is a "me" post (with all my pictures and stuff) and you thought that its such a waste of time. But hell I care, this is my blog! Bleh!)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Food Trippin : 101 Hawker Food House (Makati)

Hmm another food trip entry eh? Should I start a separate food blog? Haha.

Anyway. Me and the group have actually planned to visit 101 Hawker for quite some time. I was not supposed to go with them since I was scheduled to go to an art exhibit in Ayala Museum, but since the place is a few blocks away from the exhibit, I decided to still join in that night.

I just came back from my Singapore vacation exactly a month ago, and somehow the Singaporean flavors still lingers and the thought of eating its cuisine once again excites me. Link
Since I arrived late, I ended up eating the leftovers. Haha. But of course the food group is kind enough to get fresh orders of some of the dishes for me for other members who came in late.

Lechon Kawali (Php100.00 - 600.00) - was a bit bland for my taste but the pork is cooked very well and the skin is crackling!

Sambal Fish Fillet (Php 120.00 - 700.00) - I love sambal sauce and I love how it complimented the bland taste of the fish which makes it one tasty fish dish.

Yang Chow Fried Rice (Php120.00 - 600.00) - the fried rice is a meal itself! Big fan of Yang Chow Fried Rice ever since I was a kid. :)

(Photo by Lang)
Chap Chae (Php 130.00 - 600.00) - mixed vegetables with that yummy sauce.

(Photo by Lang)
Singapore Curry Bihon (Php 100.00 - 650.00) - its basically a bihon guisado dish with curry. The curry that was used was too strong and it overpowered the taste of the other ingredients. didnt like it. :(

(Photo by Lang)
Cereal Prawn (Php 375.00 - 1,200.00) - The star of the night! I love the fusion of flavors in this prawn dish! The cereal breading and the spices are perfect. I cant stop eating even the crumbs that was left in the plate.

(Photo by Kay)
Singapore Laksa (Php110.00 - 700.00) - I was quite disappointed with their Laksa. :( Perhaps Ive tried the authentic Laksa in Lau Pa Sat which by the way I find very tasty. Or maybe ive eaten just the left overs (yeah I know it was my fault coz I was late) so I have basically eaten a cold Laksa. But it lacked the richness of the flavors and the coconut milk is overwhelming to the point that it is the only thing I can taste that made the curry flavor disappear.

It was also nice to know that they also serve iced cold
Tiger Beer. Too bad I'm not really a fan so I opted to have San Mig Light instead. (By the way, their tube ice has a weird plastic-y taste in it. It was a bad decision to drink my San Mig Light on the rocks which I know is a no-no but I have no choice since the beer wasnt that cold.)

LinkSingapore local brew, Tiger Beer (Lager) (Php75)
Generally, I was quite disappointed with the food. However, not all the items in the menu foiled me. I loved the Cereal Prawn and the Sambal Fish Fillet. I still haven't sampled the other dishes that I wanted to try like the Hainanese Chicken and the Salmon Head Curry but again I was too full to order some more. Maybe i'll save it for the next visit. (Yes I'm gonna give it another shot)

And another happy "busog" group. :)

101 Hawker Food House, Makati
Unit 102, Campos Rueda Bldg., 101 Urban Ave.
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 886-7329

* I wanted to thank my fellow bloggers Lang and Kay for letting me use their photos for this post. Please also visit their blogs. :) Link

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Just when I was drowning in the pool of workloads after becoming a certified corporate slave, I was saved by my good friend Mharge and once again evoked my perpetual love for arts by asking me to join her to attend the opening of an art exhibit. I was psyched to see fresh ideas and I know that it is what I need in the middle of that busy workweek.

Diversities is an art exhibit showcasing works of art from Filipino artists and the cocktail reception was held that night September 15, 2011, in Artists Space, Ayala Museum.

The artists who were featured in this exhibit are the following:

Monnar Baldemor, Aaron Bautista, Joey Cobcobo, Carlos Francisco II, Honesto Guiruella III, Derrick Macutay, Dennise Montera, Tad Pagaduan, Herbert Pinpino ,Christian Regis, Marga Rodriguez, Isidro Santos and Rommel Pidazo

The Artists

It was a great night and again I was instigated with great ideas and was once more inspired by these people who have such beautiful minds.

Here are some of their works.

It was also nice to see a friend whom I met in an art exhibit about a month ago. Very talented young man, Rommel Pidazzo, whose doing junk art. I never knew that his work is going to be there, but upon seeing this artwork below, I kinda know that its pretty similar to his signature work and I was not wrong when I found out that the artwork is made by him. Apparently, he was just been asked to join a few days before the opening night.

Here's his work! I wouldn't mind having this in my living room.

See my feet? Yeah in the mirror, look!

But I got really fond of Monnar Baldemor's paintings. Two of his works are featured in the exhibit and at first glance I thought it was whimsical and youthful but upon looking at the details of the artwork, I saw depth and intensity of the images that's in the painting. Somehow I thought that it could reflect a life that I personally live.

Thats me and Mr. Monnar Baldemor with his splendid work. :)

Here's another masterpiece.

Close up: the lines and the face and the emotions it emits. Brilliant!

Another artwork that got my attention was the shanties. Intricate process must have been involved in creating such minuscule representation of poverty. It was a despicable sight but beautifully done in the form of artistry.

Barong barong. Apartment ba tawag dito?

Close up: Gulong pang dagan sa nililipad na bubungan

Close up: Linya ng kuryente.

Rommel Pidazo

Exhibits really enables my inner artist (if there is any, which I still don't confidently have) flourish and grow. Then again, I must thank God for arts, for giving it to me... (Yes thats supposed to be "thank you for the music") :))

With two very talented artists, Christian Regis (left) and Rommel Pidazo (right)

Thanks Ate Mharge for being with me that evening!

Oh I like the title of the last artwork by Christian Regis. :)