Wazzup Singapore?! (Part 2)

My last day in Singapore is as blissful as the first day. As we were exhausted to death followed by our misadventures in Malaysia, we decided to make the last day as easy as possible. My flight wouldnt be until midnight and so I know I'd still have time to explore places alone by the afternoon. My girl buds would be staying in SG until the afternoon so we decided to go to places we missed on the first day, making the most out of our morning time. But since exhaustion got into us, we all got prepared to go by around 9am. Surprisingly, the weather turned into something that was totally different from the weather that welcomed us. It was raining cats and dogs and it felt like the plans we have in visiting the Singapore flyer will be cancelled but still we are hopeful.

After eating breakfast in the hostel, we went straight to Little India which is a couple of stations away from Farrer Park station. Theres nothing much to see there and so we decided to hop in the MRT again and go to Chinatown to get some pasalubong for our loved ones.

It was such a great time in Chinatown where we had our lunch and brought stuff to bring home here in the Philippines.

After lunch, even if its raining hard, we still pushed through in visiting the Singapore Flyer and right after lunch, we then headed that way.

First stop is The Esplanade. I personally had a fun time there since an exhibition was ongoing the time we were there (I think there's always an art exhibit ongoing anyway).

After that we went out and to head to the Merlion and even if the walk across the bridge from The Esplanade is about 5 minutes and we know that we are going to be soaking wet as we arrive at the other end. We dont mind though. We just need to have a photo op. Hehe.

I was sadden since I was not able to take a photo of me with the Merlion but its ok as long as I had the experience of seeing it with my own eyes. It was something that I was just seeing in photos before and now I can say that I have been there. :)

Tara and Angie has to head back to Manila and at around 3 pm, they went off to Changi Airport, leaving me alone in Singapore. Since I have more than 5 hours to spend time alone, I decided to just visit Clark Quay. Good thing the rain stopped that time and I was able to enjoy my time alone walking around Clark Quay. I was contemplating on whether I will have a river cruise or try the Reverse Bunjee Jump but I just decided not to for I wont have someone else to rave with. :)

Instead, I walked around, took some photos of the place and visited The Pump Room Microbrewery to sample a local brew of of course my favorite beverage which is beer. :)

Stayed there and enjoyed the beer and some munchies which I was not able to take photos of since both my phone and my camera dont have batteries anymore. :(

At around 7 or 8 in the evening, I decided to leave and go to the Budget Terminal for my flight. I stayed at Changi for more than 3 hours I guess but I spent it thinking about how fun Singapore is. It was a great experience for me to have. This is the first time for a very long time since I had an out of the country trip and this journey made me think that I am enjoying life to the fullest and that I can do whatever pleases me, and I am happy!!! :)

This happened two weeks ago and I began feeling the itch to travel again. It is addicting im tellin you! Now where to go next?