Something fishy? (Korean Fish Ice Cream)

Had a fabulous lunch out with the bosses in our office yesterday in Seoul Barbeque in C-5 Libis and when everyone is quiet and perhaps counting calories after the meal, our handsome manager brought us some sweet treats for dessert!

Bungeoppang ice cream, as what they call it is a local Korean ice cream variety favorite. Others call it "fish ice cream" (although it makes me cringe a bit since I can imagine the "malansa" flavor).

Shaped like a fish which is considered a lucky image in the Korean culture, one can really feel lucky upon sinking their teeth into this lovely treat. Originally, bungeoppang is sold in the streets of Korea during winter months. The name literally translates into "fish bread" . "Bungeo" which means carp (i think) and "ppang" which means bread, thus the name bungeoppang. These are made by using an iron mold similar to a waffle iron, the batter is then poured and fill it with red bean paste.

Now this is a variety of bungeoppang, but this time with vanilla ice cream.

Crisp sugar wafer with vanilla ice cream and sweet red bean paste inside, and yes its 200 kcal. Whoa! I know, I know, I need to work out double time! But having such a wonderful treat like this makes it a good excuse.