The Pump Room Microbrewery (Clark Quay, Singapore)

Since my two companions left Singapore earlier than I did last Monday, I decided to visit one of the microbreweries in Singapore before heading to Changi Airport for my flight back here in Manila.

That cool Monday afternoon, I decided to visit The Pump Room Microbrewery in Clark Quay to sample their signature beers. I made a little research about their brews and found out that this certain India Pale Ale (which won the Silver medal for Pale ale/Amber ale category in the World) and their Wheat Ale (which bags the Silver medal for the wheat ale division in Asia) are the best sellers. I was salivating with the thought that these are actually the best tasting beers I will ever sample, I walked around Clark Quay in search of that place.

After a few minutes of wandering around, I finally found The Pump room in the middle of Clark Quay. I approached the beer list and studied the brews. Luckily, this very cute Filipino waiter approached me and assisted me in getting a table. I asked him about their brewery and guided me inside for me to see the brewing area.

He probably thought I wasnt actually a beer drinker and somehow underestimated my beer liking because he actually didnt really recommended two of their best selling brews (the India Ale and Wheat Ale) but instead suggested I try the Pump Room Lager since the alcohol content isnt that high, the bitterness isnt that strong and according to him would suit a lady's taste preference. (How sweet of him to actually thought I am really a lady. haha!) I was actually contemplating on whether I order the India Ale of the Porter Stout but since im not a fan of either ales or stouts, I then opt for the lager which carries the microbrewery's name as well.

Since the temperature is cool after a whole day of raining, I decided to stay in their al fresco tables which also has a great view of Clark Quay's center fountain.

Upon sitting, I found out that their brews bagged a lot of awards in the Asian beer awards which made me wonder if SMB actually won anything in this competition.

The Pump Room Lager is actually a very enjoyable drink. However, its really not that prodigious as what I am expecting. There was actually nothing special about the brews aside for some hints of fruit flavor that touched my tongue in the middle of gulps, but I would actually rather had Corona beer (which was ordered by the two guys sitting on the next table that apparently made me drool more than I salivate for my own lager).

Nevertheless the experience is quite worthwhile. I loved the fact that I was in one of the microbreweries in SG, enjoying a unique brew, and capping off my trip in Singapore chilling out.

And this is me enjoying my beer and my time left in Singapore. I wish I had more time left though so I would actually have the guts to try every single brew they have. Thing is im afraid I would miss my flight going back to Manila if I did. :))

I would also like to thank the very courteous waiter who served me, I think his name is Richard if I remember correctly.

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