Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My top 10 Artworks

On my way home this afternoon, as I listen to the radio where Karen Davila and Vic de Leon-Lima were still (for the second day) discussing about that very controversial artwork that a certain Mideo Cruz produced, I was flummoxed by the rage these two were expressing at their program. I understood how irritated these two were since I was able to take a glimpse of some of the photos in the exhibit earlier when some of my co-workers were chit-chatting about it. Anyway, those werent exactly the artworks I'd love to feast my eyes into, which made me ponder on what artworks actually inspired me to get into painting and the ones that made me appreciate the beauty of expression through artworks.

Ive long enjoyed browsing through photos of artworks and junketing on exhibits and I want to share what I think real artworks for me are.

I'd give the first 3 spot for the Venus'

10. The Birth of Venus by Alexandre Cabanel

9. Sleeping Venus by Giorgione

8. Venus of Urbino by Titian

Full of sensuality and elegance, these Venus paintings are the epitome of womanhood. I love how the details implied the fragility of a woman and yet the power it possesses to captivate men. Venus also signifies love, beauty and fertility and seeing different depictions of her is a true celebration of being a woman.

7. Cupid and Psyche - Antonio Canova
(Actually the only sculpture that made into my list)

The story captivates me as well as the sculpture. Antonio Canova captured the moment when Cupid catches Psyche after she faints upon breathing in a forbidden flask and when the arrow touches her while Cupid kissed her back to life. Wow. Talk about a kickass love story. :)

6. The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

This is perhaps Klimt's most famous artwork. The intricate designs and the sensualism it emits enchants me. The shape of the image of the man and the woman close together resembles the shape of a penis in which the artwork tries to present the sexual fulfillment of a man and a woman.

5. Agony by Egon Schiele

His colorful interpretation of a morbid encounter makes it an amazing artwork. Schiele was greatly influenced by Klimt thus the orange, yellow and red hues are present in this painting. However, he uses stronger pigments compared to Klimt's subtle hues.

4. The Girl with the Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer

The Dutch Mona Lisa. I like this better than the more mainstream Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. Mysterious and innocent. The movie was also a must watch since Vermeer was played by my long time crush Colin Firth. Haha. Labo no?

3. The Death of Cleopatra by Juan Luna

Although this painting reminds me strongly of the tale of Ibong Adarna (I dont know why), I still love the fact that one of Juan Luna's award winning painting is inspired by a culture somewhat far from the Pinoy culture. Well of course plus the fact that I endear Cleopatra very much and a Filipino did an impression of her makes it close to my heart.

2. The Bolt by Jean-Honore Fragonard

The eroticism, the passion and the intriguing details made me study the particulars of this painting. Fragonard is known for his conniving works of art and this one made it to my list because of its expression in arresting the freedom of lecherousness which makes it so sultry.

1. Danae by Gustav Klimt

This is first in my list simply because the image shows the real essence of womanhood. I can strongly see myself in her. As a lover of mythology, I am enthralled by the symbolism Klimt used to narrate the story. Zeus as the golden rain flowing between her legs and the royal purple veil which symbolizes her royalty. Her face full of emotions of arousal brought about by the magical golden rain, getting into her senses and engulfing her being.

Now going back to the issue of that infamous sexually illicit works that that stupid man tried to show, I dont think that even a slightest bit of appreciation should be rewarded for that. It is simply a beggary of attention done in a very distasteful manner. Come on, Ive seen a lot of local artists better than him. I think its time to cut the attention off him and channel it to those people who actually deserves the aid.


H0KAGE said...

Great selection. Focused on womanhood. That's nice. :)

Plus 1 for The Bolt.


jssica wabbitty said...

Thanks sweets! Im glad you've enjoyed these fine works of art. And yeah make that plus 2 for The Bolt. Hehe.

kay said...

Whoa! Those are really nice ... but they're not available for viewing here no? I wanna see the Spolarium.

jssica wabbitty said...

Thanks kay. Id love to see the spolarium again as well. Its indeed one of the artworks that we filipinos should all see. Actually, there are a lot of very talented young filipino artist who can do fine artworks and we must also see their obra maestras. :)

Roni Flores said...

I love mythology, and I have always loved Canova's work (Italian artists are the bomb, hehe). Cupid and Psyche's story is probably one of the best in mythology, if not Perseus and Andromeda's :p

Great list you got here. :)

jssica wabbitty said...

Thanks Roni for visiting my blog. :) Im a lover of arts and mythology alike and Canova's work is indeed splendid! BTW, your blog is awesome and thank you for posting those great restos in Marikina. :)