Sunday, May 6, 2012

Is Malaysia Trully Asia? Indeed it is!

A 3 hour sleep after an exhausting day didnt cease my excitement for the next trip. I am bound to travel alone from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur that morning running for a 7 am flight. Having a little problem since Tiger Airways failed to send me an e-ticket and their website seems to be having some problems, I opted to go to the airport early just to be sure that everything will be smooth sailing (or in this case, smooth-flying) Hehe. Apparently theres no need to worry, alright im not really worried im just a little OC about tickets and all that. So I took the cab going to the airport at 4:30 in the morning and enjoyed my time alone. By the way I really enjoyed my travels alone away from my friends, not that I dont like them around, heck no! Its just the sense of freedom that I feel when I am alone in a foreign country! The possibility of adventure in every instance excites me. :)

Alright, upon arriving at Changi Budget terminal, I decided to check in right away and wait inside. I found a spot that I really liked and waited there reading my book and thinking of again our possible itinerary for our day in Kuala Lumpur.

I boarded a not so crowded flight of Tiger Airways bound for Kuala Lumpur and indeed enjoyed that very short trip. Seeing the sunrise from that flight is one of the best sights I saw in my journeys.

The moon on my side of the airplane and the sunrise on the other side. The sight is overwhelmingly beautiful. Thank God for this beautiful experience!

The flight was about 45 minutes and in no time, I have actually landed in Kuala Lumpur International Airport. That morning, it was gloomy and cloudy but my anticipation made it sunnier than ever. Again, the usual stuff, immigration check, and customs check and there I was, the early bird!

I decided to stay somewhere with wifi so that I can plan ahead of our trip. Having a mug of latte and some biscotti at Starbucks, I concluded that weve only got a few hours in Kuala Lumpur and I must choose the best places to visit and maximize our time. Of course, again, I was designated to plan the itinerary and the early flight gave me a chance to do that. Good thing as I roam around, I've found a Malaysia Tourism Board booth and ask all the possible questions I have about going around Kuala Lumpur.

The itinerary focused only on Petronas Towers and Batu Cave since weve got very limited time in Malaysia and we need to go back to Singapore by the evening to have more time to roam around Singapore again as we go back. The guy from tourism answered my questions ever so promptly and by the time my companions arrived in the airport, the itinerary for that day was already set.

So we boarded the bus going to KL Sentral through KLIA Transit. I totally enjoyed the train ride and I love their train!

From KL Sentral, we took the MRT to our first stop, The Petronas Towers. We decided to drop by KL Suria which actually is inside Petronas Towers. Had lunch and ate the best beef Rendang ive ever tasted. I have actually made a post about that here.

After lunch we headed out to finally have the photo op we were excited about. As soon as I saw the entirety of the view, I was stunned! I told my friend "Dati sa pictures ko lang to nakikita, ngayon ako na may picture dito!" It was indeed a surreal experience.

After the photo op in Petronas, we headed straight to Batu Caves. From Petronas, we then again rode the MRT and head to Batu Cave station.

Dedicated to the Hindu diety Lord Murugan, this is one of the most popular Hindi shrine outside India. I am a catholic but I do appreciate how solemn this place is for the Hindus. It felt like I was in India that time and not in Malaysia. I was amazed on how different things are in this side of Kuala Lumpur.

When we were there, we met a family whose visiting the temple. We talked to them and they were very open about explaining the traditions they have in their religion. It was such a blessing meeting them and it only goes to show that regardless of one's religion, pure heart's see everyone through. Naks. Hehehe.

Thats Malini, the beautiful lady on the left side with her mom (far left), dad and her 2 sisters and brother. Thanks so much for making us part of the ceremony. Bless you Duruka family!

Another surreal experience came to an end and we needed to rush back to Singapore. We took the bus going back to the city proper and went to the central bus station to take the bus going back to Singapore. We got lost in the middle of Kuala Lumpur, in Central Market in particular. Unconsciously, we have explored the Chinatown and the Central Market without our knowledge. It was a little difficult to ask for directions around since most of the people we asked cannot speak English, or maybe we just asked the wrong people. Hehe. Just a backgrounder, I am the planner for our our trips, which means I set the places we are supposed to visit, the Angie is the navigator, checking the maps for directions and Tara, uhm well our supporter. It was working ever so properly until that time when perhaps we have all exhausted all our powers that lead us close into an argument. Good thing that little adventure turned into a funny scenario as we laughed about it on our way back to SG.

Now if youre going to ask me if Malaysia is trully Asia? Well all I can say is Hell Yeah!!!


myas110 said...

nice one! we also went to KL recently..=)

jssica wabbitty said...

Thats awesome myas! I wanted to actually go back for a longer vacay. :)