Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Holler back at yah Singapura! (Part 1)

We have been long anticipating the Singapore-Malaysia trip since the start of this year to the point where we all totally forgot about it because theres tons of workloads for us. A week before this trip came, I was freshly promoted and the pressure of adjusting to my new position in the company completely vanishes my time in preparing the itinerary for the trip. Good thing my previous researches somehow still lingered and tiny bits of info remained which helped us get through the entire SG-KL trip with a pretty OK itinerary.

The bookings of our flight were actually not so good. We left Manila for a 3 hour journey to Singapore at 12 midnight and arrived at Changi Budget Terminal only to wait for 3 more hours before the MRT opens at 6.

For the meantime, we killed time taking photos and figuring our way around Singapore for our first day and the plans consist of Universal Studios Singapore, Sentosa, Vivo City, and places nearby.

From Changi Budget Terminal, we took the bus going to Terminal 1 where the MRT is located and again spent time there planning our destinations and finding free maps all over the airport. Now tips for the travelers. There are a lot of free city maps and MRT maps provided in the airport so get as many as you want. It will be very helpful for 1st time tourists exploring Singapore.

We stayed in a hostel at Rangoon Road named Smeet Home Hostel. Before the MRT opened, we called the hostel and asked for directions and the owner Rajun graciously assisted us in finding our way to his humble hostel.

Upon arriving, although it wasnt the check in time already, we were welcomed b y Rajun and his wife in the hostel. We need to fix things like book for my flight to go to Kuala Lumpur and print our tickets and he assisted us by lending us is mac so we can use it for bookings, checking our emails. The hostel has free wifi which we are really happy about since all of us never subscribed into roaming and it would be a way for us to communicate with our loved ones back in the Philippines.

We started our day going to Mustafa Center which is a 10 minute walk away from our hostel to go to to a 24 hour foreign exchange. I have some Singaporean dollars then but I need to exchange more money since we are heading to USS. After that we had breakfast and finally head off to Vivo City the to Sentosa for Universal Studios Singapore.

We arrived in USS at around 12 and there's no too much visitors. It was hot and sunny that time, just perfect for a great time touring around the place. We started our trip by taking photos in front of the famous Universal Studios globe and then finally went our way inside the theme park. We paid 75 usd for one ticket that would allow one to enjoy all the attractions inside.

I had a blast in Monster Rock where a musical presenting the classic Universal Studios characters such as Frankenstein, Cleopatra, and The Phantom of the Opera is featured. The musical is fun and the show is splendid with all the pyrotechnics and dance numbers.We also had a great time in Lights, Camera, Action with Steven Spielberg. It was amazing to see a studio destroyed by a hurricane in under 10 minutes and back to how it was. Now that's Movie Magic. Another fun ride is the hanging roller coaster in Jurassic Park, the mini roller coaster in Far Far Away Land (is that even right?), the breathtaking ride at The Mummy Returns, but most of all, our favorite would be Shrek 4d movie! I felt like a kid again enjoying the great graphics and special effects in the theater. And of course shopping for Shrek goodies after that.

I was personally exhausted so as my two companions but we cannot waste time and so we still pushed ourselves in roaming around town. Wondering where to head for dinner, I made it a point not to miss Lau Pa Sat at Raffles Quay to experience eating in the best hawker's place in Singapore. You can read more about that here.

We decided to call it a day at around 10 pm as we head back to the hostel. Im bound to leave Singapore early in the morning for my flight going to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia is at 7 in the morning. You can just imagine how tired we all were since we started the trip at midnight that Friday when all of us just got out from work and continued till Saturday without sleep since we arrived at Changi airport at 3:30 am. If my feet and legs could talk they would say "bring me to the hospital for we are already too weak!" (thats how exhausted I am) but if only my heart can speak im sure it would say "I am having the best time of my life then again" (thats how overjoyed I am about the experience)


Vallarfax said...

Just wow! I want to go to Universal Studios! Waaaaa! You make me cry. Jeez!

Thanks for sharing! =)

jssica wabbitty said...

Hehe. Sorry sweets. :) But im tellin you, I felt like a kid again in Universal! :)

Chyng said...

congrats for your promotion! this is a great way to celebrate! =)

jssica wabbitty said...

Thanks Chyng! It was indeed a celebration! :)