Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Friends with benefits?

Having enough time to spend with some closest friends of mine really keeps me grounded. I just got home after a wonderful time with one of my bestest best friend Jep and my newly found friend Jaymee who is having her vacay after 6 years in Canada. The food is awesome but the conversations lingered better than the tastiest sushi's and maki's we munched on for dinner.

My friends are my wingmen, my confidant, my shoulders to cry on, my partners in crime, my lovers, my strength, and in moments when I feel that the world is turning upside down, they will be there to make it appear as if I am still living a perfectly normal life and they would make me realize that with loads of fun and positivity, the problems which I think would drag me to hell are actually situations that is pulling me up to heaven.

Jep, Carlo and I have been friends for the longest time. The friendship that started with booze and reggae music turned into something that is incomparable with anything. It must be weird to find a woman like me open up my dirtiest little secret with guy friends but these two knows me very well because of that. I actually dont mind though coz they are my guardians, my wingmen, my confidants, my defenders. They both make me feel babied and cared for and loved like no other men can ever make me feel. Both are like my salt and pepper. They are my id and my superego (alright now you both figure out who is who) hehe. Both have very different ways in giving me advices. One would caress me with kind words and support my ever dumbfounding decisions, the other would actually give me a slap in the face reality and tell me how stupid I am for not thinking sane with my decisiveness. But both of them I really love.

The relationship I have with these people are comforting. The friendship we had, tested by time cannot be replaced by any other relationship. The friendship in which I feel confident that no matter how long the gaps of communication and how far the places we may be at would still be present anytime anywhere and no matter what. Now thats what I call friends with benefits!

Hope our reggae nights and our sleepless escapades would be revived soon. I love you guys!

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