Dive in babe. Youre your own boss. :)

Alright, one thing Ive been left to ponder on this evening has something to do with a lot of things that I love to do. Writing, painting, and dating.

write and write until you get a hang of it. Until it becomes your second nature. Until it you eat breathe and sleep loving to write. Not only in times of distress, not only in times of troubles, not only in times of felicity, not only in times when you do celebrate. Write like its a way to live. Write as if no one is reading. Write as if everything has sense. Write. Just write.

Build fondness not just in times when inspiration came flashing by. Paint when you think you cant produce a fine work of art. Paint when you think that youre too lazy to do it. Paint with the thought that everything is going to be a fortunate accident. Serendipity. Bear in mind that theres something special and theres art in everything your paints, and brushes and your hands produces. Let go, just paint. Just do it. Anytime, any day, any way.

Scrap away the fears. Stop thinking about what will happen and enjoy the moment. Let go of the inhibitions. Let go of all the worries. Let go of all the hesitations. Dig in, dive in. Let go and let lose. Yes I am ready to date again...

This is probably, one of the most none sense post ive ever had, but hell I care. :))


H0KAGE said…
Okay, 'write..just write'. ^_^

Go! Good luck on your next date and enjoy the moment. Regards!
jssica wabbitty said…
Hey, thanks! Ive written this I think a few weeks back and still im unsuccessful finding a date. haha!