Beer-nes (The beer fridays sessions) - Singapore

Had the best weekend barkada trip ever! Roaming around Singapore and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia was one of the best things I did so far this year. But of course half of my excitement goes to the fact that I can sample Singapore and Malaysia's local beers. Unfortunately, my short stay in Kuala Lumpur failed to give me time in sampling their local brews. However, I think that Singaporean brews suffice all my beer cravings for this trip.

This beer-ness session focuses on 3 of the local Singaporean brews.

1. Tiger Beer
2. ABC Extra Stout
3. The Pump Room Lager

1.Tiger Beer

Type: Pale Lager
Alcohol Content: 5% abv
Aha! Thought: Ahhhh! This is Singapore living.
My Rating: 3

I have tried Tiger beer here in the Philippines but it is indeed going to be an experience for me to have it in Singapore where they brew it. Tiger is actually the first locally brewed beer in Singapore and it has been the "San Miguel" there.

Had my mug of Tiger beer from tap in Lau Pa Sat when he had our dinner on our first night in SG. It was indeed a popular beer since most tables have pitchers and mugs of this beer and was enjoyed by both local and foreign tourists.

Appearance is clear, head is short lived, nose is a normal lager, very crisp and refreshing. It was actually a perfect drink for a warm Saturday night in Singapore. It was a delicious drink but its pretty much the same as our pilsen here. But nevertheless, it was a great welcome beer for me.

2. ABC Extra Stout


Type: Stout
Alcohol Content: 7% abv
Aha! Thought: I think im starting to like you na...
My Rating: 3

Having lunch in Chinatown that rainy Sunday afternoon, I was looking for other beer aside from Tiger beer which I have sampled the last time and I noticed from the display fridge this local stout. I was a bit hesitant in choosing it but the choices left were Tiger and Heinneken, both which I have sampled. Im not a big fan of stouts but something tells me that this is a good one.

Served to me in can, upon pouring the beer, the nose automatically gives that "milo-like" malty smell. The head is thick and the froth looks like choco milkshakes and the taste has hints of chocolate, coffee, and nutty, maybe of wallnuts or hazelnuts. Its carbonation is just enough, not too fizzly for me and just compliments the soft chocolatey, caramely flavors. Overall, I enjoyed this stout together with my very spicy chicken curry rice.

3. The Pump Room Lager

Type: American Lager
Alcohol Content: 5% abv
Aha! Thought: No wonder Singaporeans look young, they're living life to the fullest and they've got good beer!
My Rating: 3.5

I was psyched to know that Singapore has a microbrewery and I really intended to sample their brews. There are actually different kinds of brews that they offer but I opt to try the Gold medalist which is the Pump Room Lager.

The beer was served to me on-tap. Head last for a very short time, the appearance is murky, the nose gives off this malt scent, very usual for a lager. Generally the first sip is pleasing, but somehow I think that the carbonation is too much. There is actually no distinct flavors that I was expecting but overall its an easy drink. An enjoyable one if I may say since my view is splendid. Nothing to rave about that much though on the flavors.

Well, thats it for this beer-ness session. Till next Friday! PROST!!!

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