Friday, August 5, 2011

Beer-nes (The beer fridays sessions) - 2

Just got home from a fabulous time with my friend Dennis who helped me end the workweek with great food, wonderful conversations, and of course feasting on our most favorite beer, cerveza negra!

For this Friday's Beer-nes session, Id like to feature 3 beers:

1. San Miguel Cerveza Negra
2. Rouge Chocolate Stout
3. Super Bock Green

San Miguel Cerveza Negra

Type: Euro Dark Lager
Alcohol content: 5%
Aha! Thought: Classy, sophisticated, laid back.
My Rating: 4.5

I have always loved Cerveza Negra, well dark lager beers in general. The nutty taste and the not-so bitter after taste makes it pleasant to drink. The caramel flavor is very much present in every gulp. The bitter after taste is not overpowering like pilsen beers wherein the bitterness lingers. Since its brewed by San Miguel, it is also one of the mass produced beers here in the Philippines. You can have this beer in almost all bars and restos in the metro.

Rouge Chocolate Stout
(Oregon, USA)
Type: American Stout
Alcohol content: 6.3%
Aha! Thought: Fun, frolicking rainy night.
My Rating : 3

I have never liked stouts, and I am not fond of chocolates either. The nose is actually big in chocolates, as in really big in chocolates. Pouring into a glass, it gives a very frothy head which makes me expect a thick feel but it was actually light in texture. The chocolate is very dominant in flavor (of course its a chocolate stout) and the bitterness of the chocolate blends very strongly with the bitter after taste of the beer itself. Expecting that this is a "lady-beer", I was quite vexed that this isnt the typical chocolate concoction that chocoholics will love. But of course as a beer lover, it is simply a fun treat. :)

Super Bock Green
Type: Pilsner with Lemon Flavor
Alcohol content: 4%
Aha! Thought: Lazy summer day at the beach, yellow polka dot bikinis. :D
My Rating : 3

At first gulp, ive thought about Carrie Bradshaw. Girly, fancy, easy. This beer has a hint of lemon flavor and without any bitterness and is considered an "easy drink". I would drink this perhaps on occasions where I find it a little unpleasant to drink pilsners and lagers because of its bitter after taste. I can line this drink up with Tanduay Ice or San Miguel beer apple flavor which I classify as a "lollipop alcoholic beverage".

By the way, we got the last 2 beers in Beers Paradise at Polaris St. cor Durban St. Bel-Air, Makati which is a paradise for beer lovers. They serve up to 100 different kinds of beer! The place is very laid back and quiet, perfect for a lazy Friday night chat with friends. :)

Next Friday, I will be in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia towards the weekend. Ill find some good beers and definitely will blog about them as soon as I get back here in Manila. Happy weekend! PROST!

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kay said...

Enjoy the weekend dear! Glad you had fun!

jssica wabbitty said...

Thanks kay my love! I miss you badly. :(