Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wazzup Singapore?! (Part 2)

My last day in Singapore is as blissful as the first day. As we were exhausted to death followed by our misadventures in Malaysia, we decided to make the last day as easy as possible. My flight wouldnt be until midnight and so I know I'd still have time to explore places alone by the afternoon. My girl buds would be staying in SG until the afternoon so we decided to go to places we missed on the first day, making the most out of our morning time. But since exhaustion got into us, we all got prepared to go by around 9am. Surprisingly, the weather turned into something that was totally different from the weather that welcomed us. It was raining cats and dogs and it felt like the plans we have in visiting the Singapore flyer will be cancelled but still we are hopeful.

After eating breakfast in the hostel, we went straight to Little India which is a couple of stations away from Farrer Park station. Theres nothing much to see there and so we decided to hop in the MRT again and go to Chinatown to get some pasalubong for our loved ones.

It was such a great time in Chinatown where we had our lunch and brought stuff to bring home here in the Philippines.

After lunch, even if its raining hard, we still pushed through in visiting the Singapore Flyer and right after lunch, we then headed that way.

First stop is The Esplanade. I personally had a fun time there since an exhibition was ongoing the time we were there (I think there's always an art exhibit ongoing anyway).

After that we went out and to head to the Merlion and even if the walk across the bridge from The Esplanade is about 5 minutes and we know that we are going to be soaking wet as we arrive at the other end. We dont mind though. We just need to have a photo op. Hehe.

I was sadden since I was not able to take a photo of me with the Merlion but its ok as long as I had the experience of seeing it with my own eyes. It was something that I was just seeing in photos before and now I can say that I have been there. :)

Tara and Angie has to head back to Manila and at around 3 pm, they went off to Changi Airport, leaving me alone in Singapore. Since I have more than 5 hours to spend time alone, I decided to just visit Clark Quay. Good thing the rain stopped that time and I was able to enjoy my time alone walking around Clark Quay. I was contemplating on whether I will have a river cruise or try the Reverse Bunjee Jump but I just decided not to for I wont have someone else to rave with. :)

Instead, I walked around, took some photos of the place and visited The Pump Room Microbrewery to sample a local brew of of course my favorite beverage which is beer. :)

Stayed there and enjoyed the beer and some munchies which I was not able to take photos of since both my phone and my camera dont have batteries anymore. :(

At around 7 or 8 in the evening, I decided to leave and go to the Budget Terminal for my flight. I stayed at Changi for more than 3 hours I guess but I spent it thinking about how fun Singapore is. It was a great experience for me to have. This is the first time for a very long time since I had an out of the country trip and this journey made me think that I am enjoying life to the fullest and that I can do whatever pleases me, and I am happy!!! :)

This happened two weeks ago and I began feeling the itch to travel again. It is addicting im tellin you! Now where to go next?


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Holler back at yah Singapura! (Part 1)

We have been long anticipating the Singapore-Malaysia trip since the start of this year to the point where we all totally forgot about it because theres tons of workloads for us. A week before this trip came, I was freshly promoted and the pressure of adjusting to my new position in the company completely vanishes my time in preparing the itinerary for the trip. Good thing my previous researches somehow still lingered and tiny bits of info remained which helped us get through the entire SG-KL trip with a pretty OK itinerary.

The bookings of our flight were actually not so good. We left Manila for a 3 hour journey to Singapore at 12 midnight and arrived at Changi Budget Terminal only to wait for 3 more hours before the MRT opens at 6.

For the meantime, we killed time taking photos and figuring our way around Singapore for our first day and the plans consist of Universal Studios Singapore, Sentosa, Vivo City, and places nearby.

From Changi Budget Terminal, we took the bus going to Terminal 1 where the MRT is located and again spent time there planning our destinations and finding free maps all over the airport. Now tips for the travelers. There are a lot of free city maps and MRT maps provided in the airport so get as many as you want. It will be very helpful for 1st time tourists exploring Singapore.

We stayed in a hostel at Rangoon Road named Smeet Home Hostel. Before the MRT opened, we called the hostel and asked for directions and the owner Rajun graciously assisted us in finding our way to his humble hostel.

Upon arriving, although it wasnt the check in time already, we were welcomed b y Rajun and his wife in the hostel. We need to fix things like book for my flight to go to Kuala Lumpur and print our tickets and he assisted us by lending us is mac so we can use it for bookings, checking our emails. The hostel has free wifi which we are really happy about since all of us never subscribed into roaming and it would be a way for us to communicate with our loved ones back in the Philippines.

We started our day going to Mustafa Center which is a 10 minute walk away from our hostel to go to to a 24 hour foreign exchange. I have some Singaporean dollars then but I need to exchange more money since we are heading to USS. After that we had breakfast and finally head off to Vivo City the to Sentosa for Universal Studios Singapore.

We arrived in USS at around 12 and there's no too much visitors. It was hot and sunny that time, just perfect for a great time touring around the place. We started our trip by taking photos in front of the famous Universal Studios globe and then finally went our way inside the theme park. We paid 75 usd for one ticket that would allow one to enjoy all the attractions inside.

I had a blast in Monster Rock where a musical presenting the classic Universal Studios characters such as Frankenstein, Cleopatra, and The Phantom of the Opera is featured. The musical is fun and the show is splendid with all the pyrotechnics and dance numbers.We also had a great time in Lights, Camera, Action with Steven Spielberg. It was amazing to see a studio destroyed by a hurricane in under 10 minutes and back to how it was. Now that's Movie Magic. Another fun ride is the hanging roller coaster in Jurassic Park, the mini roller coaster in Far Far Away Land (is that even right?), the breathtaking ride at The Mummy Returns, but most of all, our favorite would be Shrek 4d movie! I felt like a kid again enjoying the great graphics and special effects in the theater. And of course shopping for Shrek goodies after that.

I was personally exhausted so as my two companions but we cannot waste time and so we still pushed ourselves in roaming around town. Wondering where to head for dinner, I made it a point not to miss Lau Pa Sat at Raffles Quay to experience eating in the best hawker's place in Singapore. You can read more about that here.

We decided to call it a day at around 10 pm as we head back to the hostel. Im bound to leave Singapore early in the morning for my flight going to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia is at 7 in the morning. You can just imagine how tired we all were since we started the trip at midnight that Friday when all of us just got out from work and continued till Saturday without sleep since we arrived at Changi airport at 3:30 am. If my feet and legs could talk they would say "bring me to the hospital for we are already too weak!" (thats how exhausted I am) but if only my heart can speak im sure it would say "I am having the best time of my life then again" (thats how overjoyed I am about the experience)

Friends with benefits?

Having enough time to spend with some closest friends of mine really keeps me grounded. I just got home after a wonderful time with one of my bestest best friend Jep and my newly found friend Jaymee who is having her vacay after 6 years in Canada. The food is awesome but the conversations lingered better than the tastiest sushi's and maki's we munched on for dinner.

My friends are my wingmen, my confidant, my shoulders to cry on, my partners in crime, my lovers, my strength, and in moments when I feel that the world is turning upside down, they will be there to make it appear as if I am still living a perfectly normal life and they would make me realize that with loads of fun and positivity, the problems which I think would drag me to hell are actually situations that is pulling me up to heaven.

Jep, Carlo and I have been friends for the longest time. The friendship that started with booze and reggae music turned into something that is incomparable with anything. It must be weird to find a woman like me open up my dirtiest little secret with guy friends but these two knows me very well because of that. I actually dont mind though coz they are my guardians, my wingmen, my confidants, my defenders. They both make me feel babied and cared for and loved like no other men can ever make me feel. Both are like my salt and pepper. They are my id and my superego (alright now you both figure out who is who) hehe. Both have very different ways in giving me advices. One would caress me with kind words and support my ever dumbfounding decisions, the other would actually give me a slap in the face reality and tell me how stupid I am for not thinking sane with my decisiveness. But both of them I really love.

The relationship I have with these people are comforting. The friendship we had, tested by time cannot be replaced by any other relationship. The friendship in which I feel confident that no matter how long the gaps of communication and how far the places we may be at would still be present anytime anywhere and no matter what. Now thats what I call friends with benefits!

Hope our reggae nights and our sleepless escapades would be revived soon. I love you guys!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Whats up?

I need to actually push myself in writing about these topics so I have to post it in here and ask a little help in making me do these posts. :)

Ive been very lazy lately, errr no, ive been very busy lately and so I rarely have time to post here but lemme write down whats in store for the next few days.

1. Holler back at yah Singapura!
2. Is Malaysia truly Asia?
3. Beer-ness Fridays (feat Coors and Coors light and Manila Beer)
4. My beloved Samar Island.
5. Food blogs ( SG food trip, KL food trip, Korean Restos in the metro, Mama Chit's Marikina)
6. 10 things im loving now (for the month of August)
7. The quest for my new tattoo design.

Pretty tough list for me to finish in a week but hey im trying my best! :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

______________, parang PAG IBIG.

Idle time in the office made me browse and browse and click and click. Serendipity was my theme this afternoon and I was hoping to come across an article or a photo or a website or anything that would sunny up my cloudy day.

Clicked CNN, nah too serious. Libya's situation doesnt interest me much. Iphone 5's release this October, errr nah too unimportant since I dont really plan on upgrading my Iphone 3Gs (yes, its so dinosaur) anytime soon. Then... This....

A facebook page entitled "Lahat ng Bagay Parang Pag-Ibig"...

It made me squirm of contempt. Another cheezy page? But... Wait yeah. Come to think of it, its funny!!!!

Read on and tell me if you cant think of a way how love isnt connected to it. eh?

1. Ang daming comments na gusto kong patulan, Parang pag-ibig.

2. Luamabas ka na dyan! Napapaligiran ka na namin!, Parang pag ibig.

3. Shet sobrang inet, abot hanggang singet! (Kamikaze) , Parang pag ibig.

4. Magastos pala mag extra rice, Parang pag ibig.

5. Bakit kaya lahat ng buko pie, original at special, Parang pag ibig.

6. Hindi pa man tag-init, umuulan na, Parang pag ibig.

7. Kung nakita mong paalis na ang jeep, wag mo nang habulin, masasaktan ka lang, Parang pag ibig.

8. Paalala sa Aktor, "Youre as good as your last performance" , Parang pag ibig.

9. Sabi ng professor ko sa Algebra, palagi daw panggulo ang X, Parang pag ibig.

10. Masarap pa din ang tikoy, may itlog man o wala, Parang pag ibig.

11. The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporary unavailable. Parang pag-ibig.

12. Ganun talaga pag sumakay ka sa taxi, paminsan minsan, hindi ka nasusuklian, Parang pag ibig.

13. Para kong lutang kapag kulang ako sa tulog, Parang pag ibig.

14. Mahirap suklian ang hindi pa nag babayad, Parang pag ibig.

15. Pagod na pagod na ko sa trabaho, gusto ko nang umuwi, Parang pag ibig.

Basically EVERYTHING can be associated with LOVE.

Sige nga try mo gumawa ng sentence tapos dugtungan mo ng "PARANG PAG-IBIG"

Saturday, August 20, 2011

What does a Cebu Pacific FA and an SM sales lady have in common?

Their eye make up and lipsticks, and im tellin you its not that pleasing to look at.

Alright, before I start writing, I dont mean to be rude, I dont mean to be degrading, I dont mean to be "laitera", I'm writing based on my observations on my last trip to SG and KL. I actually have forgotten about this but earlier this evening, as me and mom and dad buy some stuff at the supermarket, I noticed one of the SM sales lady's signature make up (i.e. blue eyeshadow, reddish blush-on and bright red lipstick) and then remembered Cebu Pacific's flight attendants. Which again led me back in thinking about a question that puzzled me. Were they given make up 101 by the company?

I aint a make up expert, I dont have any background in cosmetology or whatever you call it. But I simply know if the make up is overdone, subtle, professional looking, or simply cheap. Seeing 3 lady FA's on my flight to SG and 4 lady FA's on my way back to Manila wearing the same shade of turquoise/bluish eye shadow with bright red lipstick reminded me so much of the sales ladies here in the Phils who overdo the color combination. Too bad I failed to take some photos. Tsk. :))

Being in that kind of profession, one should know the fundamentals of applying make up. Presenting yourself well is one of the requirements needed as a flight attendant and I think that they should at least know how to combine colors. Thing is, Cebu Pacific's FA's apply their make-up like this:

Simple rule that I have learned, heavy eye make up should be paired with a subtler, lighter lipstick/nude lips. Light eye make up can be paired with rouge lips. Maybe those things should be taught to the lovely girls of Cebu Pacific.

Not that im demeaning the sales ladies but FA's should do better than that. Eto pa, one more thing I noticed is how different the Tiger Airways FA's are to Cebu Pacific FA's. I flew from SG to KL through Tiger and noticed how pretty their FA's are, plus the make up are really really good and professional looking.

I hope Cebu Pacific would take notice of this. Its not just with the service that you should be focusing at (although I think some of your FA's are actually snobbish and unaccommodating) but also with their appearances. Try saving them from being compared to the sales ladies. Just a friendly advice. :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Pump Room Microbrewery (Clark Quay, Singapore)

Since my two companions left Singapore earlier than I did last Monday, I decided to visit one of the microbreweries in Singapore before heading to Changi Airport for my flight back here in Manila.

That cool Monday afternoon, I decided to visit The Pump Room Microbrewery in Clark Quay to sample their signature beers. I made a little research about their brews and found out that this certain India Pale Ale (which won the Silver medal for Pale ale/Amber ale category in the World) and their Wheat Ale (which bags the Silver medal for the wheat ale division in Asia) are the best sellers. I was salivating with the thought that these are actually the best tasting beers I will ever sample, I walked around Clark Quay in search of that place.

After a few minutes of wandering around, I finally found The Pump room in the middle of Clark Quay. I approached the beer list and studied the brews. Luckily, this very cute Filipino waiter approached me and assisted me in getting a table. I asked him about their brewery and guided me inside for me to see the brewing area.

He probably thought I wasnt actually a beer drinker and somehow underestimated my beer liking because he actually didnt really recommended two of their best selling brews (the India Ale and Wheat Ale) but instead suggested I try the Pump Room Lager since the alcohol content isnt that high, the bitterness isnt that strong and according to him would suit a lady's taste preference. (How sweet of him to actually thought I am really a lady. haha!) I was actually contemplating on whether I order the India Ale of the Porter Stout but since im not a fan of either ales or stouts, I then opt for the lager which carries the microbrewery's name as well.

Since the temperature is cool after a whole day of raining, I decided to stay in their al fresco tables which also has a great view of Clark Quay's center fountain.

Upon sitting, I found out that their brews bagged a lot of awards in the Asian beer awards which made me wonder if SMB actually won anything in this competition.

The Pump Room Lager is actually a very enjoyable drink. However, its really not that prodigious as what I am expecting. There was actually nothing special about the brews aside for some hints of fruit flavor that touched my tongue in the middle of gulps, but I would actually rather had Corona beer (which was ordered by the two guys sitting on the next table that apparently made me drool more than I salivate for my own lager).

Nevertheless the experience is quite worthwhile. I loved the fact that I was in one of the microbreweries in SG, enjoying a unique brew, and capping off my trip in Singapore chilling out.

And this is me enjoying my beer and my time left in Singapore. I wish I had more time left though so I would actually have the guts to try every single brew they have. Thing is im afraid I would miss my flight going back to Manila if I did. :))

I would also like to thank the very courteous waiter who served me, I think his name is Richard if I remember correctly.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Beer-nes (The beer fridays sessions) - Singapore

Had the best weekend barkada trip ever! Roaming around Singapore and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia was one of the best things I did so far this year. But of course half of my excitement goes to the fact that I can sample Singapore and Malaysia's local beers. Unfortunately, my short stay in Kuala Lumpur failed to give me time in sampling their local brews. However, I think that Singaporean brews suffice all my beer cravings for this trip.

This beer-ness session focuses on 3 of the local Singaporean brews.

1. Tiger Beer
2. ABC Extra Stout
3. The Pump Room Lager

1.Tiger Beer

Type: Pale Lager
Alcohol Content: 5% abv
Aha! Thought: Ahhhh! This is Singapore living.
My Rating: 3

I have tried Tiger beer here in the Philippines but it is indeed going to be an experience for me to have it in Singapore where they brew it. Tiger is actually the first locally brewed beer in Singapore and it has been the "San Miguel" there.

Had my mug of Tiger beer from tap in Lau Pa Sat when he had our dinner on our first night in SG. It was indeed a popular beer since most tables have pitchers and mugs of this beer and was enjoyed by both local and foreign tourists.

Appearance is clear, head is short lived, nose is a normal lager, very crisp and refreshing. It was actually a perfect drink for a warm Saturday night in Singapore. It was a delicious drink but its pretty much the same as our pilsen here. But nevertheless, it was a great welcome beer for me.

2. ABC Extra Stout


Type: Stout
Alcohol Content: 7% abv
Aha! Thought: I think im starting to like you na...
My Rating: 3

Having lunch in Chinatown that rainy Sunday afternoon, I was looking for other beer aside from Tiger beer which I have sampled the last time and I noticed from the display fridge this local stout. I was a bit hesitant in choosing it but the choices left were Tiger and Heinneken, both which I have sampled. Im not a big fan of stouts but something tells me that this is a good one.

Served to me in can, upon pouring the beer, the nose automatically gives that "milo-like" malty smell. The head is thick and the froth looks like choco milkshakes and the taste has hints of chocolate, coffee, and nutty, maybe of wallnuts or hazelnuts. Its carbonation is just enough, not too fizzly for me and just compliments the soft chocolatey, caramely flavors. Overall, I enjoyed this stout together with my very spicy chicken curry rice.

3. The Pump Room Lager

Type: American Lager
Alcohol Content: 5% abv
Aha! Thought: No wonder Singaporeans look young, they're living life to the fullest and they've got good beer!
My Rating: 3.5

I was psyched to know that Singapore has a microbrewery and I really intended to sample their brews. There are actually different kinds of brews that they offer but I opt to try the Gold medalist which is the Pump Room Lager.

The beer was served to me on-tap. Head last for a very short time, the appearance is murky, the nose gives off this malt scent, very usual for a lager. Generally the first sip is pleasing, but somehow I think that the carbonation is too much. There is actually no distinct flavors that I was expecting but overall its an easy drink. An enjoyable one if I may say since my view is splendid. Nothing to rave about that much though on the flavors.

Well, thats it for this beer-ness session. Till next Friday! PROST!!!

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