Monday, July 25, 2011

The Quaker Oats Man and Datu Puti

Yesterday, while getting coffee in the kitchen, I saw a can of Quaker Oats and remembered how I used to be frightened of him when I was young. Haha! I mean come on, he is scary for a kid! (Well aside from the fact that I despise eating oatmeal since it resembles my cat morgana's barf)

Then I recalled how much time I spent looking at the Datu Puti vinegar man, trying to figure out how his head looked like. For me he resembles The Predator which is totally scary. Look at how similar they are!

Another thing that baffles me is the Reno liver spread logo. I cant seem to understand what is it. For me it looks like red caviar / salmon caviar and I was thinking whats the connection? As far as I know, liver spread is made from liver, thus the name.

Is it just me or are these logo's really weird?

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