Discovering JunkArt

This blog entry is actually long overdue. Hehe.

Last July 16, 2011, I was invited by my friend Jed to see the artworks of her Baguio friends from VOCAS entitled "Dumi mo, Sinalo ko" showcasing junk art which was displayed in Republikha Art Gallery in Quezon City. I was psyched to see the artworks of these new breed of artists since I am trying to explore some new ideas with regards to art.

I arrived a little early and saw the artists setting up their works. Good, so that I have time to catch up with Jed whom I havent seen for a long time after our Puerto Galera escapade a few months back. When other guests started to arrive, we decided to get in the gallery and join the artists. Upon entering the gallery, I was welcomed with a cup of "tapuy" (rice wine from Ilocos)which was actually my very first time to sample. Indeed a great drink! Never was I expecting it would taste as sweet and as pleasant as it is, but the alcohol's kick got into me after a good 30 mins. :D

I was taken away with the fact that these young people have come up with such splendid works of art coming from things that we throw away. Their vast imagination produces incredible artworks. I used to only admire contemporary art (i.e paintings, sculpture, etc) but never mixed media which in this case was being presented immensely.

Artists who participated in this event are some of the most talented young artists from Baguio including:

Kabunyan De Guia
Rommel Pidazo
Mariel Maliwanag
Oliver Olivete
Vince Navarro
Rochelle Bakisan
Rocky Cajigan
Laydeh Alberto
Kawayan De Guia
Kalawang Purisima
Carlo Villafuerte

And here are some of their works!

Here's me with one of the VOCAS artists with his artwork. :)

Indeed one great night of artistry. :)