Beer-nes (The beer fridays sessions) - Part 1

My love for beers grew fonder and fonder as I get older and as I get exposed to the drinking culture influenced by my bestfriend Stephen. Earlier than discovering that the two of us are capable of falling in love (we both had our 1st relationships when we were 23), drinking beer has been one of the best solace-provider for us both.

Growing up seeing different kinds of brewski from different parts of the world (as contributed by my dad's philia of beer), my love for this actually sprang up.

Anyway, enough about the talk. Lets get it on!

I aint a beer connoisseur so dont expect a kickass beer review from me. :D All I want is to share my love for beer and for people to know that there are a lot of fun beers out there!

Let me start off my 1st Beer-ness sessions with today's featured beers:

1. SanMig Light
2. Warsteiner Premium Verum
3. Stella Artois

SanMig Light:
Type - Pale Pilsen
Alcohol content - 5%
Aha! thought: Juvenile drunk-"kuno" parties

Low calorie Pale Pilsen that is very popular among the trying hard, under aged kids in bars around the metro. Haha! Seriously, this beer is very big among the beer drinkers here in the Philippines. Very affordable and readily available in bars, restaurants and sari-sari stores. Mass-produced beer that is very common to all Pinoy beer drinkers. Come on, im sure almost all of my readers have sampled this.

Personally, I do enjoy gulping down a bottle or two of this light beer. Refreshing with its faint alcohol scent, this beer is very woman-friendly.

Warsteiner Premium Verum
Type: Pilsner
Alcohol content - 4.8%
Aha! Thought: Warm spring day at the park.

Warsteiner is one of the most popular brewers from Germany. Their Premium Verum variety is the one we most likelywill see in our local supermarkets because its one of their best selling beer. Packaging is very simple yet sophisticated. Having a sip of the pale golden beer, I can taste its sweet fruity flavor followed by a bitter aftertaste. It was also fun to know that the brewing water used for this is actually forest water. Coolness! In general, I pretty much had fun having this beer. Light and pleasing for my taste. I did enjoy the fact that I was able to found distinct sweet and fruity flavors in every gulp. I can basically compare it to a warm spring day at the park. :)

Stella Artois
Type: Pale Lager
Alcohol content: 5%
Aha! thought: A date that I am excited about, only to find out that the guy is a bore. :(

The "Belgian Budweiser" as what they say or as for me the "Belgian San Miguel beer" since this brand somewhat have the same reputation locally with San Miguel (however, Stella Artois is a pale lager compared to San Mig which is pale pilsen). I find this beer a little bland and boring. Its a little flat for me and I even think that it has no after flavor at all. Was actually a bit dissapointed coz I was actually very excited to sample this since Ive read so much about this beer and thought its very chic. Taste for me is actually very far from chic. I say its a uber conventional.

Chowed down some of this great textured Pringles Multi Grain chips Cheese Flavor! Splendid!

Till next Friday! PROST!

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