Thursday, July 21, 2011

Attracting Aversion

To understand ones fears and tribulations is living their world. Understanding where the fear is coming from and why there are certain things in life that they cannot do and they cannot dip their feet into. There are times when there are instances that you wanted to do something about the same fear that you know that someone else is feeling. Sometimes, there are moments wherein you are sure that you wont be wanting someone else to experience the same fear of something because you know that you dont want to experience the same thing and you wont let other experience something that you are avoiding. Sometimes, you are sure that you wont be doing anything to have those fears emerge, and that you are sure that the case would be resting after all.

Sometimes, there are times wherein you are willing to give what it is being asked. Sometimes you are very willing to offer the elimination of this fear. Sometimes you think that you are greatly capable of giving those things since it is the end product and the result of the avoidance of such fears we are talking about.

But most times, you find yourself facing the fears that you are trying to avoid for the other person to have. Most times, it is you who have to experience the fears that the person youre intending not to experience the unavoidable. Something that you are not personally wanting and not wanting for the other person to experience.

Sometimes, someone can be a bringer of what they are trying to avert.

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