Monday, July 4, 2011


I have always been inspired to create art. Fascinated by the depth of each artworks, I am drawn inside each of the artists world and also dream that my thoughts and inner emotions be depicted through paintings.

My father is my biggest inspiration. I remember visiting one of my uncles abode in Laguna seeing a painting my father made back in 1965. I was amazed for I never thought my dad also loved making artworks. From then on, my desire to learn and to paint took off.

Without formal education in drawing and painting, I started reading and researching and eventually tried getting my hands into it. Suddenly I found myself purchasing sketchpads and pencils, then charcoals, eventually oil paints, brushes and canvases.

Lately, I spend my time painting and sketching. Most of the time I find my works hideous and unbecoming, but I tried telling myself that there are some artworks being valued so much today that was thought hideous by some like the artworks of Georg Baselitz who by the way is one of the worlds best-selling living artist.

Having the fiery urge to learn some more and to be exposed with people who definitely knows art, I have stumbled upon some people who are forming a group of young talented artist. Luckily I was able to join them and we had our first meet-up last Saturday.

I have always loved Malate area in Manila and I am very glad that the group decided to meet up at Jolibee Kalaw which is just next to Luneta Park. It was sunny and warm and I have been looking forward for this day for weeks.

First I saw was Kuya Nj who was very welcoming . I automatically felt at ease with him. Then the two Ate Lanie's whom I find very charming and fun. Then there was Eba and Fal, our lovely ladies. There's Jams who's not just an artist but a writer as well, and Jethro whose originally from Calbayog and who has presented such wonderful artworks that afternoon.

The group chatted about life and our inspirations, what we do in life and why we joined the group. Amazingly, from simply listening to their stories, I was inspired and I have never felt elated in a long time after that. My mind is filled with thoughts and ideas and I suddenly felt challenged to be good in this craft. Having seen some of their artworks, I have also realized that I need to work hard, double time to keep up with them. My skills are way far from their talents. At some point while all were discussing about mediums, I even questioned my presence there. Why am I even here I asked myself?! Even my doodles looked terribly horrible! But I love how they encourage me to work it out. Alam kong marami pa kong kakaining bigas! :))

Their lives are artworks itself. Each has its own foible qualities which I find really astonishing. These people are really artists. Now I understand what they mean when they say that artists view life differently, and sure these people look at life in a different light.

Time flew by just like that and I havent even noticed that weve been chatting for a long time already. I never wanted that afternoon to end for I still want to continue asking them to feed my thoughts more ideas. We ended that meeting with me musing about the idea that it was quite a long time since I remember seeing myself strive hard to learn something. After I finished that Hanggul classes I took earlier this year (which I never really exerted any effort thus, me forgetting most of the stuff ive learned right now) I have never again tried pushing myself into learning something. I think that the challenge that this presented me is a superb way to put me back on self development.

And yeah I still have to sketch Ate Lanie's portrait to be presented for next months meeting. Darn, ano ba tong napasok ko?! Hahah!


Anonymous said...

yan kasi you need inner peace for you to be happy. you must listen to your heart as well. most had stopped and try to become like others they admire but fail

jssica wabbitty said...

Thank you for your comment. Thats why I do art because it simply gives me inner peace and happiness.