TOW (The Other Woman)

Cursed. Hated. Despised. Blamed. The other woman. Have I been the other woman? Yes. A couple of times. Was I aware? No and Yes. Was it a good experience? Blissful. (alright I said that with the bitchiest tone ever)

A sickly Monday evening. I was indulging on self pity as I endure a flu. I still can remember a good bumble with a recent date in which had profusely imagined as "the one". I was awakened by a phone call. A hate phone call. A girlfriend phone call from that man. The thought of a girlfriend perturbed my sanity. A girlfriend? But I thought he was single?! Then she started babbling. Hateful words on me. With a maddening spirit she derailed my personality, and I was like "What???" . She was mad at me, the one who didn’t know that he has a girlfriend, when all the while I am pretty sure that the man he was fighting for knows from the very beginning that he is a relationship. My dream for romance crumbled once more. Yes, that was the end of it. Did I do something about it? Yes, I left. Left them both in a miserable world they are living in. Recent.

In my apartment. Saturday night. We were kissing. I was in love. A thundering cry from our neighbors son ceased our snuggling. Then he uttered "If I have a son, I swear to God, I would never ever hurt him like that." . I thought wow. The man of my dreams. The one who will take care and love our children the way I have always dreamed of how their father would. Weeks after, I heard from a common friend of our that his daughter's christening happened the day after that incident. Yes, I didn’t know he has kids (yes there are two of them) and I didn’t know that he was married for 7 years. Shitty huh? No, no, that’s not yet the shitty part. The shittiest would be, that we continued the relationship for 2 years. Took me 2 good years to say adieu. After knowing he was head over heels with his bestfriend. Yes a lady bestfriend. So there was the wife, the other woman (me) and the bestfriend. (wait was I really the other woman or the the other other woman? ) Pogi nya, kung baga sa babae, ang haba ng hair. Past.

Victim? I would say no. I settled for these men and the most I got was a heartbreak. Did I blamed myself? Not solely. Did I think of them as assholes? For a moment I did.

Are both men happy? I don’t have any idea. I wish they are. Shall I do it again? Being the other woman? No.