Now this is REALLY about you!!!!

Im done with you. Im done with the both of you. I have been done with this a long time ago. Case closed, arguments no more. Its done. He's yours, you’re his'. What to fret about with that? No need to send me mails. No need to contact me in any way. No need to be affected for I am a nobody. I am no one. Someone who has no bearing in your relationship. Say that im a bitch that’s fine. I could be if you wanted me to, and if I wanted to. But I choose not to. You need to pick up the pieces. Stop thinking that I am a threat. Ive got issues of my own and I would want to settle them for now. Please help me with this by ignoring me. Im begging to be ignored. My life is a struggle. From the past hurts I have had. I know you both are hurt as well, were all victims here. But why don’t we just pray? Pray for each one?

I lost in this. I did. You both win. For hurting me. For hurting each other. What shall we do then? Hurt each other more? I don’t think that it’s the perfect solution. Please stop tormenting me with your lament. Again if I have hurted you in any way, I didn’t mean it. Believe me I didn’t. After the blog, ive never thought about you. Promise I never thought about you guys then again. When I said something in my twit, its not for you but for someone else. Please believe me. Please stop dunning me for words that I said that was not meant for you. Please don’t shoulder everything. Again, not every single thing I say is about you. But this time, everything that I say here is ALL ABOUT YOU. But I say this will be the very last time I will ever say anything about you anymore in any way. So stop claiming. Capisce?