Monday, October 25, 2010

Love Language

Im not a relationship expert. Ive never even have a close to perfect relationship instead I have been through terrible ones, although I could say that all of them were blissful, (alright I'll get into that some other time soon).

I used to always aspire to be in a relationship. Be with someone that I can share my life with. I used to share that aspiration with a friend. I said how nice it would be to be with someone who can share your life with! I was unlucky in that department and so I let go of that thought. Then I started loving being alone. :)

One thing I learned about being with someone is the art of compromise and acceptance. Accept your partner for who he is. Accept the things that he can and he cant do. Accept the things that he cannot give you, accept the things that you don’t want in him, accept everything that he can and he cant be. Learn to study your partner. Learn to know in what way he shows his love to you so you would understand his love language. We all have different love languages and so you cant just say that your love language is the same as his. If you’re the type who showers your partner with sweet nothings and praises of how adorable and sexy and wonderful he is, well don’t expect your partner will do the same if he isnt the type of person whose vocal about those things. He could be showing you how much he adores you in a fairly different manner as you were expecting.

Ive went out with a guy who rarely told me how beautiful I am. (I don’t mind because I know I am, kidding. ) but would always touch my hair and kiss my eyes for him to know he likes those things in me. I had a boyfriend on the other hand who constantly says how he thinks im beautiful and how he adores me. I totally dig how different they were and I do appreciate that they profess their admiration in different ways. We all have to study our partner. Weve got to know their behavior, how they would handle things in a relationship, how they are when theyre mad and how they are when they are happy. More often than not, the problem with is ladies is that we constantly seek assurance from our partners which basically don’t happen that much since you are dating a guy! (unless youre dating Cassannova who uses words to always swoon his partners)

The love language we all possess is different from one person to another. No two persons are alike in this. You are not your boyfriend/girlfriend. You don’t expect he/she would do the things your doing to him/her just because youre giving it out to him/her. :)

for my lalove Reign... He does love you. :)

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