The 15th Philippine President

On Politics:

Never have I been excited and positive with the new government as much as I am right now. I dont really talk much about politics for I know I'm in for much stress and migraine if I do so. Not that I dont care about it, its just that I have loss my interest in it since I really cant see how these politician strive for the country's betterment. All I ever felt is dissappointment and hopelessness. But since the Aquino administration is starting, I cant help but indulge into my positivity. Somehow, this could be a start of a new Philippines. I am full of hope with regards to the advancement in the economy as well as the quality of life here in the country. I have never wanted to leave The Philippines (well thats if the love of my life never would ask me to move to that other part of the world with him :)) and so all my desire for this country to be a better one still persist.

I listened, carefully to the new presidents inagural speech, re read it this morning as I start my day. I can say that it is too much to be realistic but then I thought that we all might as well aim high than aim for nothing. I love how it sounds. Envisioning the Philippines productive and advancing is a dream come true not just for me but for the entire nation. Lives would be better, most everyone would have a job, economy will be of high standard, and my business will sure be booming. :)

If the country gets better, more people will have a better quality of living. Most will thought of getting married since everything is going on stable. Since life is easy and money is abundant, most of them definitely would be asking for my wedding services. I earn money, they have their dream weddings, their married lives would be great, I will be abundant. I know it does sounds selfish but hey, im just being practical here ok?

I just hope that this would be a reality. I am wishing for a great next 6 years under this administration.

The new president didnt really had the pleasure of my support last election. But I said I was not closing my doors in helping him as he start his term. He has my full support. Me and the rest of the hopeful Philippines who wanted sheer hope for everybody's amelioration.