25... though im 26. turning 27.

From a post a year ago. Taken from my facebook account. My bestfriend Stephen would love some stuff here. Thats FOSHO! :D

1. I am a licensed Nutritionist but I realy wanted to be a teacher. And so, im pursuing my passion by teaching and by studying to become a teacher. Its never to late to start anyway.

2. Melody - me, Myra - my sister, Myrna - my mom. All of us have our name start with the letter M.
Mom told me that I was supposed to be named MYLA so that me and my older sister's name rhymes. Hmmmm i dont know what happend. Haha. I like my name anyway. :)

3. I have around 20 moles all around my body. Most of them are found in parts that cannot be seen when im dressed. LOL!

4. Aside from my day job, and my side jobs, I am also writting for a tabloid circulating in Manila. You wouldnt really know its me because im a ghost writer. I get paid if they like my work, so they are asking me to submit 10 articles or more. From 10, they would probably get 2 or 3. Haha. Hirap kumita ng pera. Also a wedding coordinator, event stylist, and events host.

5. I love sharpening pencils. Ive got a good old stand sharpener and i seem to get addicted sharpening it. Haha.

6. I am a house music addict. I know almost everything about house music. I even mix my own music. I totally hate mainstream music. No pop, no alternative, no RnB. Well I like music generally but I seem to get tired of all other genres.

7. I love to eat. I can say that I am a gourmet. I appreciate different kinds of cuisine. My faves are french (thought its very rich that I vomit sometimes), indian (i love curry) japanese (makis and sushis are the best) persian (kebabs and shawarma) chinese (particularly shanghai and cantonese cuisine) and of course filipino!(adobo, karekare, sisig, sinigang and inihaw are really panalo!)

8. I am an adventure lover. I tried different kinds of outdoor activities such as trekking, caving,. surfing, diving etc etc. I used to be very tan before because of these activities. Though I changed my interest nowadays because I realized that all of it were uncomfortable. I stick with surfing though. Its ecstasy.

9. I pray a lot. I know almost all novenas for different saints of the catholic church. I used to go to St Joseph on Mondays, St Anthony on Tuesdays, Our Lady Of Perpetual help on Wednesdays, St Jude Thadeus on Thursdays, and Black Nazarene on Fridays. :) bait no???

10. I am half Waray and half Ilocano, although I dont know how to speak Ilocano. Im fluent in Waray though.

11. I am fascinated with vampires. I find them hot and sensual. I so love Lestat. :)

12. I love wearing high heeled shoes. Even if it hurts my legs.

13. Most of my clothes, dresses and shirts are in black. You will see me wear this color most of the time. I find black elegand and sophisticated. Its slims my big figure as well.

14. I am a coffee addict. I can drink around 10 cups of coffee everyday. Also a tea addict. Whenever i smell tea, it makes me think of lazy saturday afternoons.

15. Driving around the metro late at night relaxes me. I sometimes just go around Roxas Blvd to stroll.

16. I love the beach very much. I am a beach bum. I love the smell of a sea salted air, the sand between my toes, the sound of the crashing wave, the sun, the blue skies. Wow. Thats heaven for me.

17. I have PCOS. I am sadden by this thing. Thus, I kinda aspire to have a baby as early as now because my doctor told me that chances of me having a kid later in my life slims as I grow older. My uterus is as small as a woman in menopause. :(

18. I have an inch scar in my upper lip. I was brought to the hospital to have it stiched when I was 4 or 5 years old because of a bike accident.

19. Speaking of bikes, I love riding bikes and motorcycles. I can drive big bikes! :) I used to drive for hours back in the province going to different places. :)

20. Horror movies makes me happy. I love being scared although these movies cant really make me feel afraid. I just love the thrill of waiting for the scary part of the film and fearing the unknown. Drag me to Hell was the last horror movie I saw. It was awesome!!!

21. My previous relationships wouldnt last for more than 3 mos. The longest one I have would be roughly a year.

22. I get migrain attacks whenever I eat chocolate and processed food. Sometimes it gets very very bad that I cannot open my eyes anymore. So I dont eat chocolates very much. I eat white chocolates to be safe. So kung may magbibigay sa inyo ng chocolate, white please. :))

23. What I want for Christmas? a Pioneer CDJ 1000MK3 and a DJM1000. Yeah I know its too much. Hmmm can I have a BEHRINGER HPM 1000 DJ headphones instead? haha. Yup, im a frustrated DJ.

24. Im into weddings. I am also a wedding coordinator. If your getting married, you know who to call. :)

25. I am bitchy some say, im nice, some say. Well for me im bitchy nice. Impossible? I guess it is possible. :D