Just got inked.

I got a few raised eyebrows as I decided to finally get a tattoo ive been wanting. I know, in this society we are living in, many misconception about people with tattoos arises. I simply dont care at all, for this decision took me a long time to decide on to and made me feel that I am an independent woman, capable of deciding on my own.

I am young and single and I must say on the top of my game. I simply love the independecy that this one gives me.

I have been contemplating about getting inked for quite some time now. It took me 5 good years of deciding whether or not to do it. It's a big decision that I finally took to the finish line just yesterday.

Choosing from various designs from hibiscus flower (because I love the beach and im a summer bum) to different musical notes (since my name is Melody), I came across a perfect design which I think fits me the best.

Its quite common I guess to see the design I chose. But for me, the artful expression of putting it in a place where I thought was wise made it very Me.

It was nerve wracking. Still to the very last minute I was having second thoughts whether im gonna do it or not. But the excitement that budded as I showed the design to the artist, the preparation of stenciling and seeing the needles made me decided to go for it.

My friend Rebecca recommended Toxttattoo. They have branches in Robinsons Metroeast and Robinsons Pioneer. Kuya Tox own the shop and he was the one who did the inking to me. The staff were gracious and sure it was a memorable experience for me. Although it was a bit difficult to set an appointment with them since they really dont answer sms. Might as well call for an appointment.

It took us approximately 20-30 minutes to finish my design. I decided to have it in my right upper thigh. Why there? Well I though about having my tattoo not to show off but really for self gratification. I want it to rarely be seen. I thought I rarely wear shorts and if in case I do, i'm sure I am at the beach or at home. Its not that exposed and I want it just like that.

The end result was amazing. I love the experience so much and I thought of getting my next one right away. (haha yeah I still have to think about it a million times again)

I am happy to see it finally come to life in my skin. Such wonderful work of art that reflects my personality. I have no single strain of regret.

For more info, heres the details of the tattoo artist.

mobile: 0919.668.8965
email: toxz@toxztattoo.com
website: http://toxztattoo.com/