My cassanova pasta... :)

I love things light and simple. The loves poems ive been reading on LRT earlier this afternoon and the Vivaldi music inspired me to cook a simple pasta dish thats light and delish!

I was thinking about my Cassanova (later on I will write something about him) while I was cooking the dish. I've thought about romance and being soulmates and feeling exceptionally good. This is what the dish is all about...

Cassanova Pasta:

Things you need:
1 clove garlic
1 head onion
2 med size red tomato
1 can tuna
olive oil for sauteeing
1/4 k spaghetti
italian seasoning
grated cheese

How to cook:
1. Slice the garllic, onion and tomato.
2. Cook the pasta per package instruction.
3. sautee garlic, onion and tomato.
4 Add the tuna.
5. Add the cooked pasta
6. season with salt and pepper and italian seasoning.
7. add grated cheese

Viola!!! Simple yet deliciously captivating pasta dish!!! Hehehe.

I miss cooking.

And I guess Cassanova is as delectable as this is. :D