My best weekend of 2010 so far!

Planning this out of town trip took us months, no YEARS to prepare. I know im suppose to be blamed for the delay since im the one who always backs out everytime a trip has been planned.

Two of my ever bestfriends and I took some time off last weekend, exactly a week from today. We decided to go to Subic, one of my favorite places to relax.

It has been one great experience. Being with two of the people that I trust the most is such a delight. No dull moments, and if there are, I guess were just trying to savor the time we are spending.

It has been two, make that three great years since we became close and I must say that every year pass is a blessing with them.

Combined with the greatest atmosphere that I love (that is the summer ambiance) I get to feel relaxed and refreshed. A lot of crazy things has been going on when we were there. Spotting potential marriage partners for Tara, checking out hot bods in the beach for Rey and basically basking over the great scenery for me, it was truly one of the best weekend for me so far.

Coming months will be more winding up with plans for more relaxing weekend like that.

Were booked for April 17th and for sure we are gonna be rockin it again!