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Mobile Quiapo (reposted from my previous blogsite)

I have just got to retrieve this post for clarification and confirmations purposes. haha!

Mobile Quiapo
Sunday July 20th 2008, 9:49 pm

Getting a cab on a Friday night is never easy, well never been a breeze at all. I was having second thoughts if I would still join my buddies Carlo and Jep for a nightout. It was Friday and I was dead tired from working the whole week. Still I know I’ve been dying to have a dose of some good rasta music which I have been missing for quite some time now.

I was standing along side the street for almost 15 minutes, almost 6 cabs had passed me, still no good. Now my feet is dragging back to my home. Luckily a cab stopped infront of me but to my surprise a couple was sitting at the back. The cab driver opened the door and asked.

"San ka miss?"

" Sa Ortigas po manong, Julia Vargas" I replied.

"Tara sakay ka na, dyan lang naman sila sa may La Loma eh, mahirap talaga kumuha ng taxi ngayon". He told me trying to convince me to grab the offer.

I hesitated for a moment. I looked at my watch. 9:15. I still have 15 minutes to make it on time. I looked at the couple at the back of the cab and asked.

"Ok lang po ba?"

Both answered me with a nod and a smile. Nice. My angels for the night.

I sat beside the cab driver, which I basically dont do when I ride a cab. But that night I dont have a choice. No biggie though, atleast im on my way.

After around 15 minutes, the couple reached their destination. Im now really on my way to our meeting place. I was getting a bit excited when the cab driver started a conversation with me.

"Hindi mo naitatanong, eh isa akong manghihilot" said the driver to me.

I looked at him trying to guess how old is he. The moment I heard that he is a manghihilot, i basically have thought of an old man. He looked like hes in his late 30’s. A bit young to be a manghihilot.

I tried to sense where he is going with it.

"Alam mo papayat ka kapag minasahe ka sa partikular na parte ng katawan mo eh, katulad sa braso tsaka sa likuran mo" he uttered.

Aba naman, the nerve of this man to tap on this subject. Well im not really sensitive about this matter coz I do know im on the heavy side but this topic is the least that I wanted to talk about after a whole week of eating a No Added salt diet and feeling I am deprived of the joys of eating!

I politely smilled at the man, wanting him to realize that I am not that interested in talking about the massage techniques he was telling me for me to loose the extra weight that I have but he just keeps on talking.

" Eh miss, hindi mo rin naman naitatanong, marunong din akong bumasa ng kapalaran." He smiled.

Now he knows my future! Amazing! ( i said that sarcastically) He asked for my hand for him to take a peak at my future through my palms.

I looked out and saw this long line of cars as we stroll along Araneta Avenue, then I thought, there’s really no harm in knowing what the future holds for me from a stranger. Besides this will cost me 100 bucks if I go to Quiapo and seek the fortune tellers insane predictions about my future.

" Siyam na binata, isa lang ang matino… Labing apat na foreigners, nako! Mahigit 30 na me mga asawa mahuhumaling sayo! "

Whew now thats too much for me to handle! I grabbed my hand back and laughed!

9 single guys, only 1 is good.
14 foreigners.
30 married men who will go crazy over me.

Talk about reading my future.

I was still laughing my heart out but as I do that, I started sorting out the guys I have went out with and I had relationships with. Darn, 1 ouf of 9? Have I met him? Will I meet him in the near future? Hmmm… Now im thinking…

"Nako mag ingat ka din miss, mababa ang matres mo, baka mahirapan ka din magka anak." he suddenly added.

Now that’s really too much for me.

I worried a bit about the things he had told me. I worried about the sincerity of the guys im gonna go out with or gonna have a relationship with. Will he be the one who’s true? Will he be the married man? Or will he be one of the 9 who’s not? Will I be able to bear a child in the future if I will get married? Its going to be so funny if i’d be affected, but at that moment I though I was.

I was again interrupted by the driver by asking for my right hand again. I was to refuse when he grabbed it and said…

"Hi ako nga pala si Christian, nice to meet you, and you are?"…. pause…

"Single ka pa diba? Mga katulad mo talagang chubby yung gusto ko. Pag mapapayat nako kahit maghubad sa harapan ko, walang epek sakin"…

Nako isa pa to! Hahahaha! I shaked his hands while i was shaking my head. Impossible!

Good thing I saw Home Depot already. Finally I am here. I looked at the meter, get 200 bucks from my purse opened the door and shut it close.

Im leaving whatever he told me in his cab. Being depressed about my lovelife and be being a barren is the least I want to think about right now.

I then saw Carlo smiling at me. I smiled back. Im just gonna groove tonight….

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