Friday, March 19, 2010

The arcade date...

Finally I got asked out by this guy ive been eyeing on for a long time already, and it was soooo much fun!
We went on an arcade date which is the first for me. I liked it a lot. I brought out the inner child in me.

I had a blast hitting buttons and playing with the joystick (alright no bastos meaning on that ok? Haha). I had a great time shooting balls and hitting aliens and gunning down some soldiers, well but most of all I enjoyed the little bet we had. :)

A point loss is equals to a kiss or a pinch. He set the rules that every time I lose a game, I would have to kiss him, on the other hand if he losses, I can pinch him. Yeah I did pinch him a couple of times, but I did kiss him most of the time as well. Yeah I pretended to loose so I can score a kiss. Lol. Crazy indeed.

I think I dig the whole fun thing he initiated. I like him. He's cute and all. Well I think he is hot. Sensual, intelligent, charming, sensible. I think I would definitely go out with him again if he asks me to. :)

One to ten, ten would be the higest. Hes an 8.5-9. its fun!

Alright im into him. And the mysterious effect hes emphasizing turns me on.

Come on Cassanova, show me what you’ve got. :)

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