Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mobile Quiapo (reposted from my previous blogsite)

I have just got to retrieve this post for clarification and confirmations purposes. haha!

Mobile Quiapo
Sunday July 20th 2008, 9:49 pm

Getting a cab on a Friday night is never easy, well never been a breeze at all. I was having second thoughts if I would still join my buddies Carlo and Jep for a nightout. It was Friday and I was dead tired from working the whole week. Still I know I’ve been dying to have a dose of some good rasta music which I have been missing for quite some time now.

I was standing along side the street for almost 15 minutes, almost 6 cabs had passed me, still no good. Now my feet is dragging back to my home. Luckily a cab stopped infront of me but to my surprise a couple was sitting at the back. The cab driver opened the door and asked.

"San ka miss?"

" Sa Ortigas po manong, Julia Vargas" I replied.

"Tara sakay ka na, dyan lang naman sila sa may La Loma eh, mahirap talaga kumuha ng taxi ngayon". He told me trying to convince me to grab the offer.

I hesitated for a moment. I looked at my watch. 9:15. I still have 15 minutes to make it on time. I looked at the couple at the back of the cab and asked.

"Ok lang po ba?"

Both answered me with a nod and a smile. Nice. My angels for the night.

I sat beside the cab driver, which I basically dont do when I ride a cab. But that night I dont have a choice. No biggie though, atleast im on my way.

After around 15 minutes, the couple reached their destination. Im now really on my way to our meeting place. I was getting a bit excited when the cab driver started a conversation with me.

"Hindi mo naitatanong, eh isa akong manghihilot" said the driver to me.

I looked at him trying to guess how old is he. The moment I heard that he is a manghihilot, i basically have thought of an old man. He looked like hes in his late 30’s. A bit young to be a manghihilot.

I tried to sense where he is going with it.

"Alam mo papayat ka kapag minasahe ka sa partikular na parte ng katawan mo eh, katulad sa braso tsaka sa likuran mo" he uttered.

Aba naman, the nerve of this man to tap on this subject. Well im not really sensitive about this matter coz I do know im on the heavy side but this topic is the least that I wanted to talk about after a whole week of eating a No Added salt diet and feeling I am deprived of the joys of eating!

I politely smilled at the man, wanting him to realize that I am not that interested in talking about the massage techniques he was telling me for me to loose the extra weight that I have but he just keeps on talking.

" Eh miss, hindi mo rin naman naitatanong, marunong din akong bumasa ng kapalaran." He smiled.

Now he knows my future! Amazing! ( i said that sarcastically) He asked for my hand for him to take a peak at my future through my palms.

I looked out and saw this long line of cars as we stroll along Araneta Avenue, then I thought, there’s really no harm in knowing what the future holds for me from a stranger. Besides this will cost me 100 bucks if I go to Quiapo and seek the fortune tellers insane predictions about my future.

" Siyam na binata, isa lang ang matino… Labing apat na foreigners, nako! Mahigit 30 na me mga asawa mahuhumaling sayo! "

Whew now thats too much for me to handle! I grabbed my hand back and laughed!

9 single guys, only 1 is good.
14 foreigners.
30 married men who will go crazy over me.

Talk about reading my future.

I was still laughing my heart out but as I do that, I started sorting out the guys I have went out with and I had relationships with. Darn, 1 ouf of 9? Have I met him? Will I meet him in the near future? Hmmm… Now im thinking…

"Nako mag ingat ka din miss, mababa ang matres mo, baka mahirapan ka din magka anak." he suddenly added.

Now that’s really too much for me.

I worried a bit about the things he had told me. I worried about the sincerity of the guys im gonna go out with or gonna have a relationship with. Will he be the one who’s true? Will he be the married man? Or will he be one of the 9 who’s not? Will I be able to bear a child in the future if I will get married? Its going to be so funny if i’d be affected, but at that moment I though I was.

I was again interrupted by the driver by asking for my right hand again. I was to refuse when he grabbed it and said…

"Hi ako nga pala si Christian, nice to meet you, and you are?"…. pause…

"Single ka pa diba? Mga katulad mo talagang chubby yung gusto ko. Pag mapapayat nako kahit maghubad sa harapan ko, walang epek sakin"…

Nako isa pa to! Hahahaha! I shaked his hands while i was shaking my head. Impossible!

Good thing I saw Home Depot already. Finally I am here. I looked at the meter, get 200 bucks from my purse opened the door and shut it close.

Im leaving whatever he told me in his cab. Being depressed about my lovelife and be being a barren is the least I want to think about right now.

I then saw Carlo smiling at me. I smiled back. Im just gonna groove tonight….

Friday, March 19, 2010

The arcade date...

Finally I got asked out by this guy ive been eyeing on for a long time already, and it was soooo much fun!
We went on an arcade date which is the first for me. I liked it a lot. I brought out the inner child in me.

I had a blast hitting buttons and playing with the joystick (alright no bastos meaning on that ok? Haha). I had a great time shooting balls and hitting aliens and gunning down some soldiers, well but most of all I enjoyed the little bet we had. :)

A point loss is equals to a kiss or a pinch. He set the rules that every time I lose a game, I would have to kiss him, on the other hand if he losses, I can pinch him. Yeah I did pinch him a couple of times, but I did kiss him most of the time as well. Yeah I pretended to loose so I can score a kiss. Lol. Crazy indeed.

I think I dig the whole fun thing he initiated. I like him. He's cute and all. Well I think he is hot. Sensual, intelligent, charming, sensible. I think I would definitely go out with him again if he asks me to. :)

One to ten, ten would be the higest. Hes an 8.5-9. its fun!

Alright im into him. And the mysterious effect hes emphasizing turns me on.

Come on Cassanova, show me what you’ve got. :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

WAIT!!! Should i? or should I not?

Patience is a virtue. I say its shit.

I have been practicing the virtue of patience for the longest time that I can ever think of and I would be lying if I say that I have improved in any way possible. Sure I understood things more better and sure I have made some conclusions and formed some ideals about the practice but still I think that being patient leads me into nothing but a change of heart or even disapointment.

Trying my luck in the love department after a silly breakup with a relationship that im not suppose to be in with in the first place was a zipping decision. I thought that it could be the answer , a solution that might have lessen my ordeal of breaking up with the love of my life. Well, I didn’t just jump off the first man that courts me. Ive found someone whom I thought would be the person that might end my heartbreak. But then I was wrong.

It was a test of patience and I know I have failed for letting my feelings be involve in another relationship that fast. I was still coping up, trying to understand why my last relationship didn’t work out (although I know its really not gonna work out)but then I risked everything yet again.

Alright the test of patience is really a tough one and I know in must say that I should have waited a little bit longer before all of these. I didn’t regret it though. Maybe that’s one drill that would help me understand the virtue more.

Now im more comfortable having the time alone and to think. Maybe the saying was right. " pag walang tyaga, walang nilaga". I might be learning the hard way.

I might fancy a lot of guys right now (indeed some are really to fancy about. Haha!), I might think that having some time alone basically would be the right thing for me to do. Yes im loving it. Spending some quality time with my friends and specially myself but at the back of my mind, I still aspire to have someone for me to love…

He asked me to wait for him. As soon as I heard the word WAIT, a flicker of heat burst into my head. Me? Wait? Does he have an idea that it is a word that im dreading? Did it ever cross his mind that I have not enough patience to wait? Say its selfish but I really do hate waiting. It’s a waste of time! And for me time is precious. I could have done more progress with my life than sitting down and waiting for something. I want action. I want results. I want it progressive.

But then why did I say yes? Why did I tell him that im gonna wait for him to fix everything? Why did I tell him that sure im gonna wait? Why did it seem so easy for me to agree to test my patience?

I don’t want to talk about love of feel anything about that. I think that my emotional condition right now has been stable for quite a few weeks and I think that it’s a healthy place and that I should be staying here for quite some time. But why did I say YES?

Not a guaranty for him I know. What if I meet someone? What if that someone turns out to be "the" someone that I really wanted to have? (now im thinking about Cassanova). What if I rushed and jump into this new one again?

Oh boy you have to act fast. When I say fast, I mean VERY fast...

My best weekend of 2010 so far!

Planning this out of town trip took us months, no YEARS to prepare. I know im suppose to be blamed for the delay since im the one who always backs out everytime a trip has been planned.

Two of my ever bestfriends and I took some time off last weekend, exactly a week from today. We decided to go to Subic, one of my favorite places to relax.

It has been one great experience. Being with two of the people that I trust the most is such a delight. No dull moments, and if there are, I guess were just trying to savor the time we are spending.

It has been two, make that three great years since we became close and I must say that every year pass is a blessing with them.

Combined with the greatest atmosphere that I love (that is the summer ambiance) I get to feel relaxed and refreshed. A lot of crazy things has been going on when we were there. Spotting potential marriage partners for Tara, checking out hot bods in the beach for Rey and basically basking over the great scenery for me, it was truly one of the best weekend for me so far.

Coming months will be more winding up with plans for more relaxing weekend like that.

Were booked for April 17th and for sure we are gonna be rockin it again!

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Casanova

I don’t really know if it was the beach vacation I just had, or the impeccable charm that this man have that makes me recently dreamy.

Earlier this afternoon, on my way home, I set some Vivaldi on the background and lazily read some Edgar Allan Poe's. I had again recalled how hasty it was for me to be off to dreamland whenever I think about this guy.

One thing that turns me on is a great conversation. An intellectual one that seemingly impossible to have in a normal setting. Whenever I get involve in this kind of conversation, I would directly consider it as uncommon for I rarely get to talk to anybody in a very arousing intellectual conversation as such.

Few days ago, about a week past, I get to talk to this someone who has the same fixation to music as I do. We chatted about the genres we love, from dub to jazz, to house and techno, from rock to classical. We then discovered our love for Vivaldi and Eric Satie, how we both find it romantic and relaxing at the same time. We hashed out talking about how the Gymnopedie's makes me wanna fly and be free. I find that very sexy!

One time, in the middle of the night, I received an sms from him saying odd statements like he thinks were soulmates. That we he somehow feels a connection between us, that maybe we were lovers in our past lives, maybe two horny love birds that were inseparable. He then created this vision of us together in a white sand beach, with candles, champagne and caviar, making love until the break of dawn. I find that sexy and romantic...

I am not in the mood to fall in love nor talk about romance these days. I find this solitary confinement a bit joyful. :) but then again, I wont deny that thinking about him with all those sweet sweet thoughts makes me feel elated at my lone times.

A vision of a sunny Saturday morning always pops up into my mind whenever I think of him. Us, together, talking about the dreamy settings we both want to have , just being together listening to music. We would kiss and touch each other passionately. We would be spending the whole morning driving towards the nearest beach for a short weekend getaway. I would play some soft music as he drives. We would look at each others eyes and feel the burning passion channeling between us. We would then spend the whole afternoon idly sitting at the beach front, getting a tan, feeling the scorching summer breeze, staring at the clear blue skies, still saying nothing, talking about nothing, but just feeling. As the night approaches, we would sit still, glaring upon the bright moon and star filled sky, of course Vivaldi's four seasons (summer) is playing. We would then make love the whole night, passionately feeling every inch or our skin. Feeling every breath we make as we move closer together. The kisses were burning with passion. The sensation is overwhelming as if every molecules in our bodies are reacting to our love making. We would then end the night, as we welcome the sunrise happy, fulfilled and contented.

In that scene though, love isnt much the theme. I don’t know, its like I wanted that thought to remain as is. There's no "what will happen the next day?" or "what about our wedding day?". That imaginary scene will be just like that. That's a scene that I would gladly visualize over and over and over again without worrying what's next.

Same thing with this man. Although he is a real person, I would love to consider him as a fragment of my imagery. I wanted him to stay in that place, not being concrete, not coming to life. Because if that happens, I am certain that all these fantasy will disperse into thin air.

I would gladly entertain him in my mind. I will gladly create more dreamy scenes for the both of us. But I have to make sure that it will stay here, in the little corner of my psyche. Never allowing it to be existent...

My cassanova pasta... :)

I love things light and simple. The loves poems ive been reading on LRT earlier this afternoon and the Vivaldi music inspired me to cook a simple pasta dish thats light and delish!

I was thinking about my Cassanova (later on I will write something about him) while I was cooking the dish. I've thought about romance and being soulmates and feeling exceptionally good. This is what the dish is all about...

Cassanova Pasta:

Things you need:
1 clove garlic
1 head onion
2 med size red tomato
1 can tuna
olive oil for sauteeing
1/4 k spaghetti
italian seasoning
grated cheese

How to cook:
1. Slice the garllic, onion and tomato.
2. Cook the pasta per package instruction.
3. sautee garlic, onion and tomato.
4 Add the tuna.
5. Add the cooked pasta
6. season with salt and pepper and italian seasoning.
7. add grated cheese

Viola!!! Simple yet deliciously captivating pasta dish!!! Hehehe.

I miss cooking.

And I guess Cassanova is as delectable as this is. :D