Happy birthday Yobo!

Dearest Yobo,

Happy birthday! I hope that you will be happy not just today but for the rest of the days of your life. I know that right now, you are contented and happy with what you have and I am happy for you as well.

I wish to celebrate your birthday with you though, but since you have made a choice not to include me in your life anymore, im just going to wish for you from afar.

I love you, and I will always love you till the end. The promise that I made to you is being kept. That I will love you forever.

I am missing you. Badly I think I would die. Without you, my life feels so empty and worthless. Without you it feels like something in my life is missing. I miss the times that we are together. Times when we share a good laugh, times when we eat good food, times that we celebrate life and how much fun it is to live, times when we endlessly plan what to watch in the movies next, times when we laugh making "asar" to each other. I miss the usual days we have, the messages we both send each other, the way you greet me Good morning which always makes my day. The way you ask me about my feelings, the way you ask me whats wrong, the way you care for me if I am sick. I miss the times when we both share our hurts in life. I miss the times when we share our sentiments. I miss the times when we see ourselves together even if we grow old. I miss cute little Elle and Floyd. i think about them as much as I think of you. I miss the times when I plan a future for us. I know I should have not even bother but I cant help it because I know that it would make me happy. For some time I wish that it would make you happy too.

I totally understand why you left me. I totally understand why you told me we needed space. I am sorry if I am not enough for you. I am sorry if I was not able to make you happy and contented with our relationship. I dont blame you for you have everything and you feel like I am not so important in your life since you've got it all. I am sorry for making your life not as happy as I wanted it to be. You, leaving me is an indication that I have failed. I am sorry.

I dont really know why you shut me off your life. You left me with no trace of you as you leave. You left me without notice. It hurts a lot.Most of the time, I think that you have never loved me at all and that with the actions that you did, you never really cared about my feelings. But I still believe that somehow, the reason why you left me without warning is that you do love me that much. I am trying my best to convince myself that the reason why you left me is for my own good. The reason why you choose not to be in my life anymore is for me to have a better life without you. And with that I thank you. It only shows how much you love me. Thank you for loving me. Thank you very much.

On your birthday, supposedly, it will be our 1 year and 4 months anniversarry. Its nice to think that we have shared one good year together. Sad part is that we cannot continue being together to make more memories. But those times were enough for me to learn the things that you taught me.

Thank you for teaching me how to love. Thank you for making me learn how to love unconditionally. Thank you for making me a better person. Thank you for sharing your life with me. Thank yoiu for teaching me things that I will never learn from other people. Thank you for welcoming me into your life. And thank you too for letting me go.

Happy birthday Yobo! I want you to be happy. I pray that you will fully be happy with Elle and Floyd. I hope that you will be happy with your lovelife as well. I dont really know what to wish for in that, but I pray that you will find someone that you will share a good life with. Someone that will love you as much I love you, and I hope that this time you will love that person as much as I wanted you to love me back.

Goodbye Mahal ko. This is very hard but I will give your freedom. Because you wished to have it, and because you deserve to have it.


Melo :)


Jenni said…
I know that when you read this post prolly a good four or five months down the road, some might no longer be true especially the sorry part.

You are one wonderful individual and do not let sad moments like this totally break you (I know it won't...)

I am sure you know how I felt almost one year ago.

Love ya